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Posted by cara
on 23 Apr 2017
Hi! I have a TB scar and a hepatitis B active. I am planning to apply for a job in any of the gulf countries where I can find vacancy for Accountant. I have been reading a few articles that for newcomers, they will be automatically deemed unfit if they will be tested positive for both. However, I have also read that it only applies to the professions with direct human contact. I am confused. Can anyone enlighten me on this? Thank you in advance for your help!
Meagan on 26 Apr 2017
Hi Cara,

As far as I know, your profession means that you won't need to undergo Hepatitis B testing. However, all expats going to the UAE to work, regardless of their profession, need to be tested for TB, leprosy and HIV – a positive on any of these tests is enough for the visa to be refused.

There were some reforms made to the TB law about a year ago with regards to TB scars, but unless you have a spouse or parent living in the UAE to sponsor you, your visa will unfortunately be refused if you have a TB scar. You can read more in this article from the Khaleej Times: 'UAE Residents Seek Clarity on TB Policy'. (There's a fact box in the article that has a concise summary of the updated rules.)

The best course of action would be to get in touch with your local UAE embassy to double check this information.

Best of luck.