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  • Valencia
    Good afternoon my name is Monica. I'm an American looking to move to Valencia in the summer and would like for my daughter to attend public school...
    Zero | 33 weeks 6 days
  • Zambia
    Hi I was born in Zambia and moved to the UK when I was only 6months old. I was wondering I its possible for me to move back and work and live there....
    Zero | 34 weeks 4 hours
  • Dublin
    Can anyone advise, can I apply for space for my children in a public school in advance of moving to Dublin?
    Zero | 34 weeks 6 hours
  • China
    Yes, its true - you actually have some very useful employee rights in China since some amendments were made in 2012 to China's Labor Laws. Prior to...
    Zero | 34 weeks 10 hours
  • Ho Chi Minh City
    Are there any other alternatives than the international schools? They cost as much as the universities in the US. I have a two children who will be...
    Zero | 34 weeks 16 hours
  • the Netherlands
    Hi My wife is a dutch citizen. We have 2 children who both have dutch passports. We have decided to move to the Netherlands as all my wifes immediate...
    Zero | 34 weeks 16 hours
  • Abu Dhabi
    I am an Indian national and I have been working with a reputed MNC bank in India for past 8 years. I have recently been selected for a role based in...
    1 | 21 weeks 3 days
  • India
    I have got marriage proposal from a person working in Muscat. He earns 350 Omani Rials per month. He has been given house free and Light, Gas ,...
    1 | 30 weeks 2 days
  • Jeddah
    Zero | 34 weeks 1 day
  • Bahrain
    Hi, I have already signed an offer from Company A one month back and they have told the visa is ready and all they want is to give the air tickets...
    Zero | 34 weeks 1 day
  • Malaysia
    I am here in KL on a dependants visa as my spouse is working here. I would like to work, but cannot on this visa. How do I apply for a work permit...
    Zero | 34 weeks 2 days
  • Saudi Arabia
    Please find my query : I have been selected as an Sr Engineer (mechanical) in 1 of the Engineering company in Saudi Arabia. But the HR people are...
    4 | 18 weeks 1 day
  • Cyprus
    My son is entering US high school in fall 2015. What is the equivalent grade in Cyprus? Do they prepare students adequately for college? He prefers...
    1 | 34 weeks 1 day
  • Cyprus
    I telecommute for a U.S. company. How reliable are Internet and phone services? Is it costly? Can I get a permit/visa to work from home for a U.S....
    Zero | 34 weeks 2 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    We are visiting Al Ain for 3 months because we are between jobs and wish to take our cat with us, as we travel through - we will not have a work...
    1 | 34 weeks 2 days
  • South Africa
    Hi, I am coming to SA (joburg)for a holiday with my african partner. We want to get tested for STDs before being together. Where should we go,i.e....
    1 | 34 weeks 2 days
  • Riyadh
    Thinking of excepting a job offer but I'm really hesitant as I'm so unsure what life will be like for the kids? Is there anyone who can give...
    1 | 28 weeks 1 day
  • Eastern Province
    Hi everyone, Can bring cosmetic ingredient into the Kingdom? I make my own cosmetic because I have sensitive skin. Those ingredient doesn't contain...
    1 | 28 weeks 1 day
  • Vienna
    We are trying to figure out a move to Vienna with our children. I have read that there are public bilingual schools but are these for younger...
    1 | 34 weeks 1 day
  • South Africa
    Please someone should direct me I am a trade test holder on furniture I wanted to relocate to south africa is it possible for me to find upholstery...
    2 | 31 weeks 5 days

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