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  • Ireland
    I am a 57 year old American. Born in NY but currently living in Florida. I have decided to relocate and looking to move to an English speaking...
    3 | 49 weeks 5 days
  • Jakarta
    Hi, my wife and I are thinking of accepting a job offer in Jakarta, The package includes 60 million for housing allowance. We are not sure if this is...
    3 | 34 weeks 1 day
  • Florence
    Could some one who lives in Florence have a look at this and confirm if the prices given for Florence are accurate, please.
    1 | 49 weeks 5 days
  • Johannesburg
    Hi, I have an offer from an IT company based in Johannesburg, to relocate to Johannesburg. I am being offered a salary of R56K before tax + fully...
    8 | 47 weeks 6 days
  • Vancouver
    Hey I am trying to get a job in Vancouver whilst based here in Uk. I am an IT manager/developer Is this the best way to get a working visa...hoping...
    1 | 49 weeks 3 days
  • the United Kingdom
    Dear All, I might be moving to UK soon and have no idea where would be the best location to stay at. I'll be working near Gatwick Airport and my...
    2 | 49 weeks 5 days
  • Italy
    Is it possible to run a food business from home in Italy, and if it is, what hoops do you have to jump through with the authorities in order to make...
    2 | 50 weeks 2 days
  • Ireland
    Hi All, I am planning to move to Dublin in the next couple of months after having lived in London for 10 years ( I'm an EU citizen). I would be...
    1 | 50 weeks 3 days
  • Austria
    Hi, My wife has just registered in Austria for residency and has received the "Anmeldebescheinigung" (confirmation of registration). I will...
    1 | 33 weeks 6 days
  • Poland
    Hi All, Could you please let me know, how much time it will take to get the Poland Work permit. In my case, i have applied 4 months back, but i have...
    Zero | 50 weeks 4 days
  • Melbourne
    Hi, I'm intending to move to Melbourne and I'm trying very hard to find more information on public primary schools For my 8 & 11 yrs old...
    3 | 46 weeks 6 days
  • Kuwait
    Hi everybody, I am moving to Kuwait soon and looking for an appropriate school for my daughter (soon turn 3). Does anybody have an experience with...
    Zero | 50 weeks 5 days
  • Australia
    Due to various reasons i haven't had time to use my Visa yet ( although i activated it). Im planning on heading to Australia this year. However...
    Zero | 50 weeks 5 days
  • Portugal
    Considering move from us to Peniche have been working as a financial advisor -, english speaker only, looking for info on how to find work at any...
    Zero | 50 weeks 5 days
  • Valencia
    I am looking for a shop that sells supra footwear because I love them and they are the only shoes that actually feel comfortable to me but I don't...
    Zero | 50 weeks 5 days
  • Vietnam
    I am retired and not looking for employment. I have been to Vietnam twice and have more than sufficient income.
    2 | 49 weeks 3 days
  • Italy
    I am australian and my partner is italian citizen, I have done the tourist visa many times but am needing to find a more permanent answer. We have...
    1 | 43 weeks 6 days
  • Qatar
    hi there' i am working in qatar for 5 years and 8 month. my question is if i go resign from current company, according new labor law can i come...
    2 | 16 weeks 6 days
  • Malta
    What are the best and most reputable websites ( housing, healthcare, cost of living) for those interetsed in retiring to Malta?
    1 | 38 weeks 2 days
  • Oman
    Hi, I have arrived in Muscat, Oman on Work visa. Now I went for a medical check up to get the resident permit and as usual my chest B X-ray shows a...
    Zero | 51 weeks 1 day

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