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  • Beijing
    Hi, does anyone have advice or experience with dental care, not just a filling may be a root canal or something like that. I see on various websites...
    3 | 27 weeks 5 days
  • Dubai
    Hello...we are from USA moving to Dubai or Abu dhabi in 2-3 months. I got a decent offer from a company and want to know if we (me, wife + one kid)...
    2 | 38 weeks 3 days
  • Cape Town
    Hi, I'll be relocating soon to Cape Town with my family and have a kid attending french school. Would like to have more info on the French school,...
    1 | 36 weeks 6 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi, does anyone know anything about GEMS Winchester school in Abu Dhabi? Good, bad, ok? Grateful for any input on this! Thank you. Regards, Asa
    1 | 38 weeks 1 day
  • Hungary
    Moving to Budapest in November as with a pre-existing health condition that requires regular visits to a doctor, I'm a bit worried about the...
    2 | 25 weeks 3 days
  • Denmark
    What's the school system like in Denmark? Trying to decide if it's worth sending my kids to a local school or an international school in...
    1 | 38 weeks 2 days
  • Bucharest
    I'm going to be moving to Bucharest for six months at the end of this year. As a single and independent women who likes to get out an about, I...
    4 | 9 weeks 1 day
  • Jamaica
    I am david living in the uk,I am married to a jamaican girl.i want to live there,But i need to find work,Have worked in the building industry for a...
    Zero | 39 weeks 2 days
  • Bahrain
    Hi there, My husband has been made a great job offer in Bahrain. We are planning on moving over in October with our two children. I am wondering...
    Zero | 39 weeks 2 days
  • Oslo
    Hi, I moved to Oslo two months ago and have been struggling to get daycare space for my kids. All the day cares are full and have long waiting lists...
    Zero | 39 weeks 3 days
  • Mozambique
    Is a salary of $ 1400 in addition to housing and transportation allowances be sufficient for a decent living in Nampula.
    1 | 33 weeks 1 day
  • Istanbul
    I am going to study in turkey istanbul I am a girl 19 years old and I want to know what girls my age wear considering that Turkey is a muslim country...
    1 | 39 weeks 3 days
  • the USA
    I am an American citizen living permanetly in Italy. I would like my children to have social security numbers but they are only Italian citizens, is...
    1 | 39 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hello! I would like to know the validity of a Court wedding in Abu Dhabi between 2 non muslims expats, outside the UAE, specially in Europe. Can...
    1 | 37 weeks 4 days
  • Saudi Arabia
    My husband (40) is offered a job in Riyadh and I (37) am planning to quite the job in Russia and relocate with him. I am sure life is not going to be...
    4 | 32 weeks 2 days
  • Qatar
    I am living in Doha and I have plans to bring my wife here to live with me. I am wondering will she be able to get a visa as she has hepatatis B ?...
    1 | 7 weeks 2 days
  • Bangalore
    Next month, I am shifting from Sydney to India, Bangalore and was looking for good International (IGCSE curriculum) schools for my kids. Can anyone...
    4 | 20 weeks 13 hours
  • Vienna
    hi there. I'm cathie from beijing, china. I'll work in university of vienna in the coming Oct. I'd like to bring my son with me. He'...
    2 | 37 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    I have been awaiting my employment visa from a company in abu dhabi for 2 months now. I have submitted all the required documents and attested...
    3 | 28 weeks 2 days
  • Bahrain
    I am a USA business man interested in Gulf region. I found the company Brothers Group Company in the Linkedin. They have good looking website. But...
    7 | 21 weeks 6 days

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