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  • Turkey
    Moving with husband to Istanbul later this year and wondering if I can find a job and work even though I won't have a formal work permit. I'm...
    4 | 4 years 33 weeks
  • South Africa
    I am in the process of relocating my family to Johannesburg, South Africa for a 2 year contract. Although excited about the positives of living there...
    3 | 6 years 48 weeks
  • Vietnam
    What do you need as an American expat to open a bank account in Vietnam?
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Canada
    Hi all, how easy is it finding a job in Vancouver?! I have a university degree, but not a lot of experience...And I don't mind working something...
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Turkey
    Planning to visit Turkey on a tourist visa, but my stay may exceed 90 days - can anyone give details about the new legislation that seems to prevent...
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Brazil
    Do expats feel safe in São Paulo?!  I've been reading horror stories in my guidebook! 
    3 | 5 years 2 weeks
  • Bangkok
    I'm nearly on my way to the land of noodle dishes and sex tourism and was wondering what the protocol is for taking a taxi in Bangkok? Are the...
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Belgium
    Hello Expats! As a kind of last-minute psych-up before I take the plunge and move to Brussels, please let me know what your favourite thing...
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Bahrain
    Dear All I am a little nervous about my upcoming trip to Bahrain (I'll be working and living there for a year, and my family can't make the trip...
    2 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Bangkok
    Looking for reasonable housing in the city centre as a single, and very eligible bachelor...I can't speak Thai and I'm addicted to peanut butter - so...
    5 | 1 year 24 weeks
  • Austria
    I've heard rumours that the healthcare in Austria is absolutely excellent -- are these true?  I'm busy shopping around for a place to go teach...
    5 | 4 years 40 weeks
  • Australia
    Hi Everyone I'm going to be leaving sunny South Africa for a job in sunny Brisbane, and was just wondering if there are any particularly good areas...
    2 | 5 years 19 weeks
  • Cape Town
    I heard they were trying to do away with the exceptional skills permit in SA, is this true? If so, when is the latest I should get my application in...
    1 | 6 years 49 weeks
  • Malaysia
    Is it hard to get a work visa for Malaysia? Any tips on making it easier getting through all the red tape?
    13 | 4 years 39 weeks
  • Kuala Lumpur
    What's the quality of life like for expats in Malaysia?
    2 | 5 years 36 weeks
  • Nairobi
    What areas should I look at in Nairobi as I set up base for two years? I want a nice residential area, with other expats around, not...
    4 | 5 years 13 weeks
  • London
    I've been hearing horror stories about people getting pushed under the Tube during rush hour in London. I'm a small-town gal about to make the move,...
    3 | 5 years 32 weeks
  • New York City
    Moving with my boyfriend - "the American" to New York City in two months. I can barely bring myself to buy boxes let alone imagine leaving my friends...
    3 | 4 years 3 weeks
  • Ho Chi Minh City
    I'm considering teaching English in Vietnam next year and I'm wondering if it's necessary to buy a car for the duration of my stay - should be...
    8 | 3 years 30 weeks
  • Zambia
    There's a possibility I may be briefly relocated to Lusaka, Zambia for six months. It's a short amount of time so I don't think it's worth it to open...
    2 | 5 years 4 weeks

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