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  • Dubai
    I'm looking at accepting an offer from my employer that would have my wife and kids in Dubai (me there weekends, commuting elsewhere in region during...
    3 | 25 weeks 5 days
  • Poland
    Hello, To our departments in Krakow, Katowice and Opole we are currently looking for students and absolvents with very good knowledge of German or...
    Zero | 32 weeks 5 days
  • India
    Dear sir , I am from Nepal , a south Asian country. My friends and myself wants to go Canada for work . But we have not any idea. so plz if you have...
    1 | 12 weeks 1 hour
  • the Netherlands
    Hi guys this is a little worry of mine that I am struggling to find an answer to. My other half has got a place to study for a masters degree in...
    1 | 24 weeks 6 days
  • Vietnam
    I live Prassat Issan Thailand I am moving to Hoi an Vietnam Looking for removal company to take my 5 dogs and personal possessions OVER LAND to...
    1 | 17 weeks 4 days
  • Singapore
    Hi! Is it possible without any hindrance in immigration if I came from Abu Dhabi where I'm currently working then visit Singapore for a vacation...
    1 | 32 weeks 6 days
  • Dubai
    Hi! I'm looking to start a business in UAE and looking for recommendations for good Consulting companies who can help me do this - regulations,...
    5 | 18 weeks 1 hour
  • Denmark
    My family will join me in about 6 months and I am trying to learn my son's chances of being admitted to an international school since he has mild...
    Zero | 33 weeks 1 day
  • Nigeria
    Hi, I am Indian and now i receive an offer to work for private company in Nigeria, seeking advice to negotiate for salary. company providing salary...
    3 | 5 weeks 6 days
  • Mallorca
    hi I was coming back from cala dor and I saw signs for palma in red and blue does any one know what they mean. Thanks John
    Zero | 33 weeks 4 days
  • Zurich
    Is anyone interested in or looking for dance or fitness classes in English? or are you interested in giving classes in English in the Zürich...
    3 | 26 weeks 23 hours
  • Malaysia
    Hello, I am Malay from India. I am offered Job in KL-Malaysia with Gross salary of USD 2500/- Per month. Kindly advise whether it should be accepted...
    5 | 15 weeks 5 days
  • Jamaica
    Hi! I'm looking to start a business in Jamaica and looking for recommendations for good lawyers who can help me do this - regulations, taxation,...
    Zero | 33 weeks 5 days
  • Glasgow
    Do you have any idea of how could I speak more English in order to learn the language better? I want to improve my English. An idea could be speaking...
    2 | 20 weeks 6 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi, I have a job offer of AED 10,000 per month in Abu Dhabi, no food or accommodation facility. What I feel is this is a less amount of salary I was...
    1 | 33 weeks 5 days
  • Qatar
    Hi Shantalie, I have been given an onsite assignment to doha with a designation BA. the pay i am receiving is 11K QAR PM. with pick and drop facility...
    5 | 18 weeks 21 hours
  • Dubai
    I'm from india. I need a clarification about the rules and regulations regarding work permit and residency and employment visa in Dubai. I'm...
    1 | 25 weeks 5 days
  • Vietnam
    We are setting up a ways to help foreigner people who are preparing travel and living in Vietnam more convenient. So please let us know your opinions...
    2 | 32 weeks 6 days
  • Belgium
    Hi, can anyone help me find a french public school close to Overijse? We just moved here and can't find a french school for our kids. Thanks...
    1 | 33 weeks 4 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi there My two kids and I will be joining my husband in Abu Dhabi in a few months. I was just wondering whether anyone has any ideas for me to make...
    4 | 28 weeks 4 hours

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