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  • Los Angeles
    Hi I moved to California from the UK in the summer with work. They used a temporary SSN number in order to pay me my salary while my new one came in...
    1 | 36 weeks 1 day
  • Bengaluru
    Hi, I'm from Australia and my husband, I and our two children (2 and 4) will be moving to Whitefield, Bangalore in a couple of months for work. I...
    2 | 26 weeks 6 days
  • the Netherlands
    UK guy living 20 years in Germany moving to Holland...General info and info about TAX and Health Insurance... I'm a Musician moving to NL, When I...
    1 | 1 week 2 days
  • Czech Republic
    I currently have a full time professional job in Germany but I plan to move in with my Girlfriend in the Czech republic. I hope that someone is able...
    Zero | 37 weeks 3 days
  • Dublin
    Planning to moving to Dublin from Hyderabad with family Its great that I found this forum where I can get help to make decision to move to Dublin...
    2 | 35 weeks 5 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    I am looking into private schools in Dubai and havnt heard back from any school yet. Do the private schools allow a student that has been expelled...
    Zero | 37 weeks 5 days
  • Berlin
    Hi, I'm an American chef looking to move to Germany, I've already done research on the process but still have questions. First, I understand that it...
    1 | 32 weeks 9 hours
  • Canada
    Hi dear local experts, My husband and I are planning to move to Canada. We both work in advertising and Marketing (He is a copywriter and I am a...
    3 | 29 weeks 3 hours
  • China
    My husband's company is relocating us to Shashi in Wuhan, China...... anyone who has lived or is still there can share their experience  or...
    1 | 27 weeks 6 days
  • Hong Kong
    Hi there, I will be in Hong Kong for 6 months employed under a HK registered company. Just wondering how the taxes works for both HK and UK? Thanks!
    1 | 28 weeks 5 days
  • Spain
    Does anyone know of any transport companies delivering into the Costa Brava region, i.e. Girona, Barcelona?
    Zero | 37 weeks 6 days
  • Romania
    Any recommendations for great places to eat in Bucharest? :)
    1 | 37 weeks 6 days
  • Cyprus
    My wife and I are considering moving to Cyprus in the next 18 months . But possibly buying a property in the next 6 months . We have been to near...
    2 | 35 weeks 3 hours
  • Qatar
    I've been offered a position within a company however I would have to go and get my RP. Apart from the medical reasons is there any other reasons...
    Zero | 38 weeks 9 hours
  • Cyprus
    Hello We are a couple that have been on holiday to Cyprus many times in the last 20 years, we are both in our early 50's and feel the time is now...
    1 | 38 weeks 12 hours
  • Melbourne
    I'm a 60 year old woman and I'd love to emigrate to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne from UK. My son and daughter in law emigrated over here...
    2 | 38 weeks 12 hours
  • Dubai
    What if any, are the age restrictions for a work work visa for Dubai, (and other Middle Eastern countries)? Is it true that for some countries (which...
    1 | 38 weeks 12 hours
  • Nairobi
    Hi all My company is giving me an option to move to Nairobi. I have a few questions I was hoping the expat community could help answer for me. 1. How...
    6 | 28 weeks 13 hours
  • Stockholm
    Hello, I am a Austrian citizen and my partner is South African. We have been living together for three years and would like to move to Stockholm. I...
    1 | 38 weeks 11 hours
  • Czech Republic
    Hi I'm a US Citizen. I was offered a job in the Czech republic. I contacted the Czech embassy about residency for my partner and was told he can...
    2 | 20 weeks 2 hours

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