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  • Spain
    Hello, this is newbie Steve. This is going to be a bit vague but I am thinking of moving to Spain. I don't mind being away from the big cities,...
    2 | 27 weeks 3 days
  • the Netherlands
    Hi i am thinking of moving to Netherlands. I have son who is in 8th grade. Wondering if there is a public English schools anywhere in Netherlands...
    2 | 41 weeks 3 days
  • Canada
    Hi, My colleague recently moved to Canada from UAE as i am going there as his replacement. His wife wants to start a business here.They have no prior...
    1 | 8 weeks 5 days
  • Lithuania
    Dear Readers, Its a great opportunity for expats in Middle East working from other asian countries to move Lithuania on Business Immigration....
    1 | 30 weeks 2 days
  • Canada
    Hi, I am from Abu Dhabi. I am currently living in Canada. I want to few medical malpractice lawyers in the Ontario region. I have already found a...
    Zero | 42 weeks 7 hours
  • Singapore
    Hi! We arrive in Singapore on New Year's Day and I'm aware that the local schools begin their new academic year early in January too. We don...
    Zero | 42 weeks 14 hours
  • Spain
    I'm getting marry to the smallish national . now they telling us to start the civil marriage earliest appointment its in 4 months. i can't wait that...
    Zero | 42 weeks 1 day
  • Kazakhstan
    Hi All, Wondering if anyone here is an expat from the US in Kazakhstan with experience bringing pets? There seems to be some slightly conflicting and...
    Zero | 42 weeks 2 days
  • Qatar
    I Have a Saudi Driving licence valid up to 2018 can i replace it with Qatari driving licence? i am here on work Visa.
    3 | 27 weeks 4 days
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi there, We've had another mass shooting here in the US, this time at a facility for the developmentally disabled. I had been thinking for a while...
    2 | 42 weeks 2 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    I have received the offer letter of emplyement from ADOBE PETROLEUM CORPORATION (APETCO)in Hamdan St. Abu Dhabi from Engr. Rami Toderaso.Moreover...
    3 | 39 weeks 3 days
  • Ireland
    Hi: I currently live in the states, but have a flight booked to Ireland in March of 2016. I've been applying for jobs since June, and haven't had any...
    Zero | 42 weeks 5 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi, I am new to this forum. I'm planning to move to abu dhabi next year middle. My company had already made arrangements with armstrong moving to...
    4 | 5 weeks 4 days
  • Belgium
    INVITATION FOR STUDY PARTICIPANTS: Brain function in the context of a syncope (brief fainting) The University of Liege Cyclotron Research Centre and...
    Zero | 43 weeks 2 hours
  • Portugal
    Hello, nice to write at you all I'm a venezuelan photographer, and I'm planning to move to EUROPE with my partner, he's a British citizen, we don't...
    3 | 43 weeks 55 min
  • Bangkok
    Hello, Does anyone know about a good place to attend a first aid training course in Bangkok? Thanks
    1 | 43 weeks 5 hours
  • Singapore
    Hi I have applied for a job in Singapore which I think there could be a good chance of getting it. I've have a rough estimate of what I would...
    Zero | 43 weeks 2 days
  • Guangzhou
    It wont be a pain to find an apt in Guangzhou , if you find a right agent who can speak English and understand what kind of apt foreigners are...
    Zero | 43 weeks 2 days
  • Mozambique
    Just a quick query, I may have the opportunity to live in Mozambique but retain my job abroad (no tax relationship) and essentially work remotely for...
    Zero | 43 weeks 3 days
  • Egypt
    I got a Job in Construction Company whose head office in Saudi Arabia. They hire me as accountant for Project in Egypt,Cairo. Company apply for my...
    Zero | 43 weeks 3 days

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