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  • Indonesia
    I want a place to send my son for the summer that is fun and lets him be outside. I am looking for something that is several days and also lets him...
    2 | 25 weeks 1 day
  • Dubai
    Hi, I'm just wandering is there any irish expats going to schools in Dubai and which ones would you recommend?
    1 | 25 weeks 4 days
  • Libya
    I got an offer in Libya(Tripoli) company called Mafaza Free Zone Company.Company provided Business visa it already stamped on my passport.How the...
    1 | 26 weeks 1 day
  • Oman
    :) Hi, I am Pawan from New Delhi India, I have job offer from Oman with following terms: Industry Real Estate Construction Group: Alkhonji Group, www...
    1 | 24 weeks 4 days
  • Cuba
    For a visit from Cuba to India. What are the way to find out and to buy a property in Navi Mumbai in legal manner
    1 | 25 weeks 10 hours
  • Oman
    Hi there, I got a Supply Chain Manager job offer in Oman but I am a little bit worried as never worked in Middle east. All benefits paid including...
    2 | 24 weeks 4 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi, is it easy to find a compound style apartment fully furnished? We would prefer to leave in an expat area but in an accommodation fully furnished...
    4 | 24 weeks 5 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hello We are soon relocating to Abu Dhabi. We have a child is 2.5 years old. I wanted to ask whether is it too late to apply for nurseries to start...
    1 | 26 weeks 4 days
  • Oman
    Sir, As per Oman labour law for expatiates, who is responsible for air ticket fare (nearest airport) – employee or employer? My company is...
    1 | 26 weeks 4 days
  • Egypt
    I just got an offer from Cairo as a marketing manager of new products, wonder how's the salary there. US$1500/month is low or medium? Any answer...
    2 | 1 week 1 day
  • Saudi Arabia
    I'm looking for American Pediatrician in Riyadh Saudi Arabia or American doctors/hospital. Please anybody knows? Please help?
    1 | 26 weeks 3 days
  • South Africa
    hi, i applied for work permit six month ago through an agent, but uptill now i never get my permit. so please how can i confirm the authenticity of...
    2 | 4 weeks 1 day
  • Libya
    i am going to libya in july month for computer engineer This countery is safe or not safe for outsider worker please note down Dangers Area name(...
    5 | 23 weeks 5 days
  • Bahrain
    hello Friends..... I m Wasim from India (Delhi) got a job as a sales executive in Jaaabh two months back through boson connect, a singapore...
    6 | 23 weeks 7 hours
  • Saudi Arabia
    I'm from USA. I got job offered in Riyadh. Company is paying me total package SR 35000 monthly plus family of 4 ticketing to USA and health insurance...
    Zero | 27 weeks 14 hours
  • France
    Can anyone offer suggestions, help or advice please? I am researching moving to the south of france. Decent areas to rent a home and find part time...
    Zero | 27 weeks 1 day
  • China
    I was already screwed out of $16,000 by a dishonest job recruiter in China who not only cheated me out 40% of my salary but then she also sold my...
    3 | 20 weeks 1 day
  • Oman
    i am looking for indian baby sitter in azibaha gubra area.
    Zero | 27 weeks 2 days
  • Lagos
    Hello everyone. I am coming to Nigeria April - July 2014 and could really use some referrals, and resources. I am building a very unique gourmet...
    2 | 27 weeks 2 days
  • Dubai
    Hi, we may be moving to Dubai soon, I'm just wondering about life there with young kids, schools and are there other Irish families settled in...
    1 | 27 weeks 2 days

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