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  • Libya
    Any Indian mobile network working as a international roaming free in Tripoli,Libya ??
    1 | 25 weeks 4 days
  • Libya
    Hey there, I've been offered a Plant supervisor contract in Libya(Tripoli medical center) but I'm worried about the security situation there...
    2 | 25 weeks 4 days
  • Kyrgyzstan
    Hello, im planning to mve to Kyrgyzstan, it will be very helpfull if somebody knows about low price apartments in the city. Thank you!
    2 | 26 weeks 2 days
  • Bahrain
    Currently in the UK looking for a new job in Bahrain. I'm in the creative/marketing industry, so looked up and contacted as many creative...
    4 | 12 weeks 1 day
  • Dubai
    Hi there. My name is Alistair and I am a fresh architecture graduate who has just moved to the UAE for work. I found a job in Dubai but I am totally...
    2 | 24 weeks 3 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    I have been accepted a position with ADGAS starting next month. I have never been to Abu Dhabi before and am concrned about a few things. I was told...
    2 | 3 days 13 hours
  • Brazil
    Will be moving from Texas to Indaiatuba in a couple months. Is there an expat community in this city?
    2 | 26 weeks 3 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hi there, Can someone please tell me are there any banks in UAE that have special credit cards for online shopping ?
    4 | 13 weeks 3 days
  • Lagos
    Hi, I am in the process of discussing job opportunity based in Lagos. Would love to have info regarding compounded houses and American School. I...
    1 | 26 weeks 3 days
  • Ghana
    hello, does anyone know about any recent jobs in Ghana especially a volunteering or organizations for orphans or teaching and learning as well as...
    2 | 8 weeks 1 day
  • Angola
    How do I get registered as medical Doctor and work in Angola ?
    1 | 26 weeks 6 days
  • Hong Kong
    can i find a job when i get there or do i have to find a job there before i leave the uk
    2 | 10 weeks 3 days
  • Hong Kong
    Any large families out there done the move from Australia to Hong Kong? I want to know where you'd recommend to live, schools, where to ship...
    10 | 6 weeks 2 days
  • South Africa
    Hello We have two offers from South Africa- one in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg. I've done research into both of them and it comes down to...
    3 | 27 weeks 1 day
  • Dubai
    Hello I want to know something. I signed an offer letter in Dubai on 21st December 2013.Then I came back to Pakistan as the company sent me back and...
    2 | 13 weeks 4 days
  • Vienna
    Hello, everybody! I am working in an embassy and got an appointment to Vienna in Austria. I have a son, he is a pupil in the 9th grade and he studies...
    2 | 19 weeks 5 days
  • Barcelona
    Hi, I am currently holding temporary resident permit in Estonia (EU) through my spouse. I have been offered a job in Barcelona and they are willing...
    1 | 27 weeks 2 days
  • the USA
    Ok, new here, but I need to ask about my situation. I was born a British citizen but legally moved to the USA as a child. I stayed until I recieved...
    1 | 27 weeks 2 days
  • Argentina
    Coming To Argentina as a Tourist,how long is the duration for Argentina tourist Visa? If a foreigner give birth in Argentina on tourist Visa will her...
    2 | 20 weeks 6 days
  • Sao Paulo
    Hi there Considering teaching in Sao Paulo for a while and will probably be situated close to the city centre. I heard the traffic there is a bit of...
    1 | 27 weeks 2 days

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