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  • Hong Kong
    Hello, Greeting to everyone :). This is my first post on here. Im moving on Hong Kong in Mid December'16. To give a background ive got a job and...
    Zero | 1 year 1 week
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hi folks I have just arrived from Australia and will be working at the airport looking for help with accommodation for myself. Would like to be close...
    Zero | 1 year 1 week
  • Dubai
    Good day I am moving to Dubai and looking for affordable accommodation for myself with my with and 8 month old daughter. Is there some agency I can...
    3 | 31 weeks 6 days
  • Abu Dhabi
    I got a new job at a construction company in Abu Dhabi as an Environmental Scientist. The organization opt to pay me 2000 Dirhams, provide free...
    1 | 49 weeks 6 hours
  • Brussels
    Where can I find activities to do for the birthday my children in Brussels ?
    4 | 49 weeks 10 hours
  • Riyadh
    Hello. I am a US expat in Riyadh with my company on a 5 year business visa. I wanted to see if it is possible to get a visit visa for my wife. She is...
    3 | 49 weeks 3 days
  • India
    Hi, my husband & I are moving to Hyderabad in the next few months as my husband has a 3 year work contract. We are intending on bringing our...
    4 | 1 year 1 week
  • Johannesburg
    Can anyone please tell which are the medical test done for South Africa visa, does it require HIV testing and what are the other test ivolved...??...
    8 | 36 weeks 6 days
  • United Arab Emirates
    If one is working for the UAE Goverment/ Military What is their approach to compassionate leave. We have en elderly mother in the U.K., are they...
    Zero | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    Dear madam, Can you tell me about new Saudi Arabia laws for taking work visa and how much i should to pay for ..
    3 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Bahrain
    Please provide experience or information on how to travel to Bahrain with my dog. He's a Brussels Griffon. I have read they cannot be in the...
    1 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Dubai
    Hi, I am planning to move with my wife and new born child to Abu Dhabi or Dubai. I am working in IT industry as frontend developer. I would like to...
    Zero | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Doha
    i am working in saudi arabia and if i go on vacation on re-entry visa, but don't travel back to saudi and move on to doha, qatar with a new job....
    1 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Malta
    I want to study at lsc malta for mba i want to know about the job opportunities the permenent residents etc
    Zero | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Portugal
    Hi We have recently been looking at buying a property in Spain but have been put off slightly by the cost of legal fees etc We have just heard that...
    2 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Romania
    Hi there! My husband is originally from Romania and we currently are living in the U.S. We have a 1 & 2 year old and were considering moving to...
    1 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Dublin
    First of all hello to everyone! I'm a 20 years old man from Venezuela and I'm planning on moving to Ireland on a few months with my cousin...
    1 | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Valencia
    Hi. I need high quality moving boxes for breakable items ie television and stereo, plus large ones for furniture including a wardrobe. Does anyone...
    1 | 1 year 1 week
  • Qatar
    I have been issued an entry work visa but it was never been used and has not been stamped on my passport. The said unused entry work visa has already...
    Zero | 1 year 2 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    Hello, I am Krishna Dutta from India. I went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on June 2014 on employment visa. After working for 3 months I came from...
    7 | 34 weeks 1 day

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