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  • Hong Kong
    Hi! I'm having a short-term stay in Hong Kong. Can anyone suggest places to live? I am looking for serviced apartments in Hong Kong, pretty much...
    1 | 30 weeks 5 days
  • South Africa
    is it easy to get inexpensive second-hand furniture in Cape Town? Where abouts?
    2 | 22 weeks 1 hour
  • Slovakia
    Hey everyone, I hope someone is familiar here with the barriers to entry I would have in relocating to Slovakia for a work opportunity from Canada. I...
    2 | 35 weeks 6 days
  • Italy
    We are about to complete on our property in Italy - mid September. Absolutely gutted over the referendum outcome and fearing we may have made the...
    3 | 18 weeks 1 day
  • the United Kingdom
    Hello, I am an Australian with a duel passport (Italy) and I have had a planned move to the uk for the past year, and I leave in a mere 3 weeks, with...
    3 | 39 weeks 11 hours
  • Czech Republic
    Let me start with the Czech way - Ahoj! I will be moving to Prague next month for work and need an apartment for myself and my wife. Have done my...
    Zero | 39 weeks 5 days
  • Jamaica
    I am due to retire at the end of the year and want to move to Jamaica. As I will be receiving my government pension, will I be able to have it paid...
    Zero | 39 weeks 5 days
  • Singapore
    Hi, we're just trying to find out whether a move to Singapore would work for us and would love to hear personal experience and advice. We have...
    1 | 27 weeks 12 hours
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi, I'm French and got offered my dream job in London last week and I am due to start at the beginning of July. How does the UK's referendum...
    1 | 39 weeks 11 hours
  • Singapore
    Thinking of moving to Singapore - check out some of our readers comments on the best and worst aspects of Singapore, impartial and unedited! If you...
    Zero | 39 weeks 6 days
  • South Africa
    Hey there, I moved in Cape Town in 2005 for an internship and fell in love with the place. I moved here the next year and have been living in SA on...
    20 | 22 weeks 6 days
  • Bahrain
    My family in Ireland are stressing about me moving to Bahrain to work as senior bartender there. I currently live in London. I hope it will be a...
    Zero | 39 weeks 6 days
  • Dubai
    So, on popular request we have asked some of our local experts about the best and worst aspects of living in Dubai. Please add to this discussion! Q...
    Zero | 40 weeks 3 hours
  • Dubai
    Hi, we get loads of questions about the best areas and suburbs for expats to live in within Dubai, so we're starting this thread with a few...
    Zero | 40 weeks 3 hours
  • Melbourne
    Hi We desperately need help to find 1. Schools near to the University of Melbourne for our 4 year old (preferably Montessori) 2. Housing agent to...
    4 | 13 weeks 15 hours
  • Shanghai
    What are the shoe sizes here in China? They do not have anything like size 9 or size 10 in the U.S. For the same pair of shoes, they may call it 25...
    1 | 40 weeks 12 hours
  • Valencia
    Hi Please may I ask for some advice? I have always wanted to live abroad, mainly to absorb another culture and learn another language. I am a...
    3 | 39 weeks 6 days
  • Barcelona
    Hi! I am moving to Barcelona with my two daughters in a few weeks. My youngest will be 8 upon arrival and she wants to sign up for soccer in the fall...
    Zero | 40 weeks 1 day
  • Berlin
    My husband and I are moving to Berlin and, since the process to get any type of Visa takes time, how can we get set up to still receive mail? We'll...
    Zero | 40 weeks 1 day
  • South Africa
    We have 3 children - 2 in grade 1 and 1 about to enter pre-school. Does anyone have any suggestions of good private, public or international schools...
    Zero | 40 weeks 5 days

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