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  • Malawi
    Hi, Is there anyone who has experience as an expat in Malawi? A friend and I have an opportunity to do volunteer work out there over the university...
    1 | 48 weeks 6 hours
  • Indonesia
    HI, I am Sophea, from Cambodia, just moved into Jakarta. I am renting a house but it is not furnished. I am wondering if any expats are moving and...
    2 | 42 weeks 5 days
  • Taiwan
    I am planning to teach in Taiwan and already have my work permit from the school that hired me. Unfortunately, it's a rather arduous process and...
    1 | 48 weeks 5 days
  • Sweden
    Hello I am a single parent with a 7yr old son from India. I am planning to move to Sweden for at least 3-4 years or even permanently if my work...
    Zero | 48 weeks 6 days
  • Riyadh
    I will be moving from the USA to Riyadh, what is monthly rent and any leads for places with a roommate?
    9 | 47 weeks 5 days
  • Madrid
    Our family is hoping to relocate to Spain for the 2017-2018 academic year with a 9 year old and a 5 year old. Since we will only be there for one...
    1 | 48 weeks 5 days
  • Melbourne
    I recently accepted a job in Melbourne with a private hospital. They are organising my visa (457) through a law firm so that should come through...
    5 | 37 weeks 3 hours
  • the United Kingdom
    Hi all, can you give me any recommendations of places to eat Sunday roast in Oxford? Thanks.
    2 | 48 weeks 5 days
  • India
    Which is the best primary school in Jaipur?
    2 | 11 weeks 6 days
  • South Korea
    Hello, I am stationed in Jeju and would like to know how or where I am able to employ a part-time helper for cleaning and cooking. I tried finding...
    Zero | 49 weeks 7 hours
  • South Korea
    Hello, I plan to go to Korea next year and I need details on the visa/citizenship/marriage process for a US citizen with a Korean citizen. My plan is...
    4 | 37 weeks 6 days
  • New Zealand
    My wife, 16 year old and 3 week old daughters and myself are moving to Wellington. I am looking for information on schools in Wellington. I have read...
    1 | 49 weeks 1 day
  • Abu Dhabi
    What should I state as expected monthly salary? Occupation: Service Engineer/Mechanical Maintenence Supervisor, Prior 5+ years of...
    3 | 38 weeks 22 hours
  • Saudi Arabia
    I worked in UAE 2007-2008, employer issued a bank account with credit card, I moderately used and in 2008, due to recession, I lost job, Employer...
    1 | 44 weeks 6 days
  • Mumbai
    Hi Everyone, Is there any best international school in Mumbai? I'm looking for my daughter.
    1 | 49 weeks 2 days
  • Egypt
    Can some one advice me, I am USA and want to retire in Egypt. I like stay in old maradi, how's the rent and living expenses? and is it save for...
    4 | 19 weeks 2 days
  • the United Kingdom
    Hello, I've just applied for a resident visa (through marriage) in the U.K. I am originally from the U.S and was wondering if anyone has any...
    1 | 49 weeks 6 hours
  • Oman
    Firstly any advice from anyone living in Oman would be greatly appreciated so I hope to get a few responses. I have family friends in Oman and...
    3 | 45 weeks 5 days
  • Buenos Aires
    I have been trying to search for chemistry faculty jobs in Buenose Aires and nearby cities viz. La Platta . please let me know How to find a...
    1 | 49 weeks 2 days
  • the United Kingdom
    Planing to move from Switzerland to the Uk with my two children. Looking for areas that are safe and nice but not too expensive as a single mother....
    7 | 28 weeks 2 days

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