Accommodation in Argentina

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Expats will find it relatively easy to both buy and rent accommodation in Argentina. The country’s economic instability has translated into competitive property prices across the board. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and expats should have little difficulty finding a place to suit their budget and tastes.

Types of accommodation in Argentina

There is an incredibly wide range of accommodation available in Argentina. Gated communities for wealthy Argentinians and corporate expat employees are becoming popular, whereas elsewhere the choices are practically endless. Expats can choose from smart family villas in hilly La Cumbre, to Swiss-style chalets in Bariloche to the south, or even 40-acre vineyards in Mendoza to the west. The range is wide enough to suit both your dreams and your bank balance.

Renting accommodation in Argentina

House in Argentina - expat accommodation in ArgentinaRenting accommodation in Argentina is not difficult anywhere in the country, and can be done on either a long-term or short-term basis.
Expats will most likely need a guarantor who owns property in Argentina and can take financial responsibility for any damage incurred by the tenant. Expats who don’t know of a feasible candidate need not worry though, as there are many apartment brokers in Argentina who cater exclusively to foreigners looking to rent.
Some landlords in Argentina will accept large deposits in lieu of collateral or a guarantor, though foreigners will generally pay a premium on top of the price that locals would pay in the same situation.

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