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Updated 3 Aug 2011
The ultimate tool for expats and business travellers to Nigeria

The Expat Arrivals Nigeria PDF Guide provides you with all the relocation information you need in an easy and convenient format.This fantastic new tool is filled with up-to-date, accurate and relevant content crucial to your move overseas, and is based on the real advice of real expats living and working in Nigeria.

It’s convenient, comprehensive, to the point AND AFFORDABLE!

  • Available in PFD Format - Perfect for Printing and Downloading
  • Designed and Optimised for Reading on Ipads, Kindles and other Tablet Devices
  • With your Purchase, Receive Full Access to Premium Content Sections on our Site

Find the answers to questions you have about organising housing, finding the right school for your little one, avoiding the nation’s notorious financial scams and managing the new culture. After all, Nigeria is a hardship destination, and the right kind of preparation is paramount to a successful move.


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What's included?

The lowdown on expat housing, organising the right allowance, costs, and why you don’t want to be connected to the public water and electricity supply

  • The harsh realities of the banking system, how to change and manage money, and the best ways to avoid storied 419 scams
  • An in-depth look at doing business (including focused advice on how to deal with bribery and corruption) and working practice
  • The ins and outs of transport and driving, company provided vehicles and the rules (or lack thereof) of the road
  • Overview of the country's surprisingly high cost of living and what unforeseen expenses you can expect
  • Insight into the school system and various practicalities surrounding enrolment and even riding the bus
  • Detailed breakdown of the culture shock you can expect when moving to Nigeria
  • AND MORE (shipping, healthcare, visas, holidays, etc...)


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