Expat Blogs in Malaysia

Few resources can build a better picture of life in Malaysia than the expat blogs maintained by already established foreigners. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, relaying roll-on-the-floor funny encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips or reaching out to those around them, their insight affords others a unique and personal glimpse into their new community.

Best expat blogs in Malaysia

International Nabers

A great blog by Kimbra and David, American expats living in Kuala Lumpur. Here they share their thoughts and experiences, expat advice and travel stories, as well as personal struggles and successes of expat life in Malaysia.

Nationality: American

International Nabers - An American expat blog in Malaysia

Malaysian Meanders

Michele, an American expat living in Malaysia's north western city of Penang, shares the adventures of her Texas family in this interesting blog.

Nationality: American

Malaysian Meanders - An expat blog in Malaysia

Mum on the Move

An interesting blog by an expat mum and diplomatic wife living in Kuala Lumpur. It's filled with stories and advice on travel, living abroad and raising kids in a foreign land.

Nationality: Australian

Mum on the Move - an expat blog about Malaysia

Happy Go KL

A great local blog covering many aspects of life in Kuala Lumpur from where to eat and what to see and do, as well as parenting and travel tips and advice.

Happy Go KL - A Blog in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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