Expat Experiences in Thailand

When considering a move to a new country, there is nothing more useful than hearing real-life stories from other expats who are living there. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Thailand and would like to share your experience. 

Marcia is a multidisciplinary artist from South Africa. After living in South Korea for two and a half years, she moved to Thailand. She now works in Ayutthaya as an ESL teacher and spends most weekends in Bangkok. Read about her experience as an expat in Thailand. Marcia_Thailand.jpg

Mike is a 35-year-old Canadian who’s tried everything twice. Aside from his 9-to-5, he’s been a volunteer teacher, repeat film extra, jazz festival art director, public speaker, environmental activist, and author. Read about his experience as an expat in Chiang Mai.

Michael - a Canadian in Thailand

Shelly moved to Thailand from her home of Cape Town, South Africa, in early 2016 to work as a teacher at Krabi International school. Read about her experience of life as an expat in the Land of Smiles here.

Emily Weyand relocated to Bangkok, Thailand from the USA, after her dad was transferred for work. She shares her youthful insight about life in Thailand as a newcomer, and how it differs to life back home. Read about her experiences here

Frei has been living in Southeast Asia since 2007, and currently lives in Phuket, Thailand. She is a hospitality professional and loves to write about living abroad on her blog, Frei's Days. Read about her expat experience in Thailand.

Frei is a Dutch expat living in Thailand

Mariposa moved from Texas to Thailand along with her husband when he was relocated. Read her advice for catching public transport in Bangkok, as well as her experiences of the weather, healthcare facilities, and making friends as an expat in Thailand

Berthe is a Dutch expat who moved to the island of Phuket with her boyfriend. Having travelled to Thailand a number of times, they loved it so much they decided to move there. Berthe loves to explore Phuket, and she also runs a social group for expat women in Thailand called Chicky Net. Read about her expat experience in Thailand.

Berthe - A Dutch expat in Thailand

Samantha Pryor is a British expat who has been living in Thailand with her partner since 2010. Here she offers her perspective of life in Thailand as an expat woman in her engaging article, Living in Thailand: An Expat Woman's Perspective

Samantha Pryor - A British expat living in Thailand

Rosanne Turner is a South African expat living in Koh Samui where she runs a TEFL school and writes for the local newspaper. She is relishing her adventure in the Land of Smiles, and has some great advice and insight for others looking to experience expat life in Thailand.

The Stickman settled into Bangkok somewhat reluctantly, but has since travelled to nearly every niche of the nation, learned Thai and moved out into the suburbs with his local family. Despite his laidback lifestyle, he's never afraid to share an opinion. Read his about his experiences of Thailand.

Palm Tree photo

Greg Jorgensen is a Canadian expat ranting, raving, and just generally observing the madness that is Bangkok, Thailand. A city boy at heart, he moved to Thailand involuntarily – he came for adventure and stayed when his money ran out. Read more about his expat experience in Thailand.

Greg Jorgensen photo

Malcolm Burgess left life in the States to live out his golden years in a stress-free, peaceful Thai village with his wife Ciejay. He couldn't be happier in his modest environment, and gives us a glimpse into expat life in the Thai countryside.

Graham Nash identifies as a Spaniard with British blood. He left the charming cafés and the cheap wine of southern Spain and now finds himself teaching English in a small town in the Thai countryside. These days he divides his time between indoctrinating the youth and lapping up the cool lake breezes. Read what expat insight Graham has to share.

picture of graham nash - a spaniard living in Thailand

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