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Brisbane is the third biggest city in Australia
Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and Australia's third biggest city with a population of over 2 million. It is also Australia's fastest growing city.
Brisbane itself is young, with modern architecture, and the streets of the city centre are easy to navigate as it is set out like a grid: the lengthwise streets are named after Queens, and those travelling across them after Kings. It's difficult to get lost.
The city is built around the winding Brisbane River, but to compensate for it not being near the beach, it has the man-made lagoon at South Bank Parklands which offers sunbathing and swimming for holiday makers and office workers on their lunch break. This is a laid-back city that still manages to buzz. The city offers alfresco dining all year round, a bustling nightlife over at Fortitude Valley and more trendy charm at neighbouring New Farm.
Whilst the city may be compact, the suburbs sprawl north, south, east and west. Open spaces and outdoor entertainment are Brisbane trademarks thanks to its sub-tropical climate. It is possible to reside just 40 minutes' drive from the city, yet live in the countryside on several acres of property. Those living much closer to the centre will still benefit from a choice of local parks, normally within walking distance and often offering free-to-use barbeque facilities.
Some may be tempted to choose to live on an eastern location by the coast, but they still won't be on the beach. Coastal Brisbane is mainly mangrove, just mud and trees. But one of the beauties of Brisbane is the easy access to two of Australia's best seaside locations, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, which are both within about an hour and a quarter’s drive.
Expats should have no problems finding suitable employment, as one would expect with a growing city. Median house prices are much less than in Sydney or Melbourne, and are even less expensive than the more reasonable Perth.

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