Frequently Asked Questions about Sydney

Is Sydney a densely populated city?

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, and thus it does attract many people to work in the city. Over 4.5 million live in the greater Sydney area.

What are public transport options like in Sydney? Do expats need a car for getting around Sydney?

When it comes to getting around in Sydney, expats will find that there is no shortage of public transport options. Sydney boasts an extensive public transportation network which consists of trains, buses, monorail, trams and private taxis. Many expats use public transport to commute to and from work on a daily basis. While it is not essential to have a car in Sydney, it does come in handy for expats with children and those who want to travel and explore greater Australia.

Is Sydney a child-friendly city?

Sydney is a very dynamic city and expats of all demographic groups will find that there is something in Sydney for them. The great weather in Sydney provides ample opportunity for the kids to have time outdoors. Beyond Sydney's fantastic beaches, well-maintained parks and open spaces, there are also plenty of indoor activities to keep the little ones entertained in Sydney. Expat parents will also be pleased to know that there are plenty of good schools in Sydney, so they will have lots of options to choose from when it comes to their child's education.

What food can I expect to eat in Sydney?​

Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to eating in Sydney. The choice of fine dining restaurants in Sydney is limited only by the imagination, with the world’s top chefs delivering diverse menus for every palate. The fact that there’s such a range of styles and influences is directly related to the presence of a large immigrant population (particularly from Asia) and the availability of Australian produce.

Where can I shop in Sydney?​

In addition to the huge selection of department stores and shopping centres present on nearly every block in Sydney, there are some wonderful markets where one can buy just about anything, from clothes to furniture to fresh produce.

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