Pros and Cons of Moving to Vienna


  • Easy integration compared to many European cities
  • English is readily spoken
  • Excellent healthcare system
  • Very active expat community
  • Bike friendly city
  • Excellent public transportation - timely, safe, and will get you anywhere in the city with relative ease, comparatively inexpensive
  • Central location in Europe allows for inexpensive European travel
  • More museums and cultural activities than you thought possible
  • Visually a very beautiful city with grand architecture and lovely green spaces
  • A lifestyle that is geared towards the individual’s sense of wellness- generous work and school vacations, no Sunday shopping, an abundance of pools and wellness centers
  • Excellent wine and wine culture - the Austrian Heuriger is a wine tavern where wine growers can serve that year’s wine


  • An apathetic and quite often rude approach to customer service
  • Finding housing can be challenging and expensive
  • Long grey winters

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