Weather in Brazil


The weather and climate in Brazil is quite varied due to its large size. It has five climactic zones and while some areas are typically hot all year round, others are more subject to seasonal variations.

Sao Paulo and Brasilia are situated on an inland plateau, enjoying mild weather and average temperatures that are in the 20°C (70 °F) range. Coastal regions and cities, like Rio de Janeiro, have warmer climates. Temperatures in Rio can reach close to 40°C (100°F) in summer, and on especially hot days, expats should stay hydrated and preferably stay indoors. The yearly average is a warm but not sweltering 26°C (80°F).  
The subtropical climate in the south means that summers are hot and winters can get slightly chilly. Temperatures from July to August can drop below freezing and expats may occasionally find themselves waking up to morning frost.

The Amazon Basin experiences warm and wet weather all year round, with incredibly high levels of humidity; the temperature tends to hover around 32°C (90°F). The Equatorial Amazon gets a lot of rain from November to May; June and October are the best times to travel to this region, as they are the driest months. Expats will need to pack a raincoat.

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