Essential info for Canada

Population: Approaching 35 million

Major religions: Christianity

Capital city: Ottawa

Largest city: Toronto

Political system: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Main languages: English and French

Time: There are six time zones in Canada, ranging from GMT 8 in the west to GMT -3.5 in the east.

Electricity: 110 volts, 60Hz. Standard plugs are flat two-pins, or plugs with a third round grounding pin.

Currency: The Canadian Dollar (CAD), divided into 100 cents.

Tipping: As in the USA, 5-20 per cent depending on the type of service.

International dialling code: +1. Area code for Ottawa is (1) 613, and for Toronto it’s (1) 416 or 647.

Emergency numbers: 911

Internet TLD: .cb

Drives on the: Right

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