Essential Info for Canada

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living in vancouverPopulation: Approaching 37 million

Capital city: Ottawa

Neighbouring countries: Canada shares a border both with the United States of America to the south, as well as said country's isolated state of Alaska to the north.

Geography: The land is a vast wilderness populated by large modern cities, often against the rustic backdrop of beautiful natural surroundings. The second-largest country on the planet, it boasts great mountain ranges, prairies, lush forests and the longest coastline in the world. 

Political system: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Major religions: Christianity

Main languages: English and French

Money: The Canadian Dollar (CAD), divided into 100 cents.

Tipping: As in the USA, 5-20 per cent depending on the type of service.

Time: There are six time zones in Canada, ranging from GMT 8 in the west to GMT -3.5 in the east.

Electricity: 110 volts, 60Hz. Standard plugs are flat two-pins, or plugs with a third round grounding pin.

Internet domain: .ca

International dialling code: +1. Area code for Ottawa is (1) 613, and for Toronto it’s (1) 416 or 647.

Emergency contacts: The all-purpose emergency number in Canada is 911, and connects to police, fire and ambulance services. Canadian police are highly professional and efficient, and are ably assisted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the iconic Mounties.

Transport and Driving: Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road. The rail system connects most major cities and smaller communities while buses are modern, safe and clean. Cycling is encouraged while metered taxis are regulated.

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