Shipping and Removals in Canada

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The best advice for expats considering shipping items to Canada is to leave it unless it truly is essential. Even though the east and west coasts of this massive North American country are home to large, efficient ports, shipping is expensive and, in most cases, expats can purchase new goods once they arrive in Canada for less than they'd pay to bring household goods overseas. Furthermore, there are plenty of furnished accommodation options available in most Canadian cities.

For those settling in Calgary, or in other inland Canadian destinations, shipping will be especially costly, as the process will require a combination of different delivery methods.

That said, if  one can’t bear to part with their beloved bedside tables, couches, paintings, etc., then it is best to spend some time looking into shipping companies and soliciting quotes from providers before commiting to an agreement.
Shipping pets to Canada requires proof of a rabies vaccine that needs to be obtained prior to arrival.