Weather in Belgium

Expats living in Belgium will need to learn to manufacture their own sunshine amidst the normal protocol of grim, grey days. Weather in Belgium is temperate, and not unpleasant, but precipitation is constant and evenly distributed throughout the year.

Wetness becomes a normal part of life, but when mixed with the stark coldness of winter, the combination can prove challenging for newly arrived expats.

Maritime influences from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean make for cooler summers and moderate winters; temperatures range from 72°F (22°C) during warmer months (June to September) to 39°F (4°C) during colder months (November to March). The small size of the country means that weather in Belgium remains relatively uniform, with only slight variation in the region of the Ardennes. The high elevation in this area begets colder temperatures and more snowfall.

Expats living in Belgium will quickly learn to bring along something waterproof, even if sunshine and blue skies start the day.