Essential info for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Population: About 3.5 million

Capital city: Sarajevo

Neighbouring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia to the north and west, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the south.

Geography: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a largely landlocked country located in the western Balkans. It is home to the Dinaric Alps as well as a substantial number of lakes and rivers. 

Political system: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic

Major religions: Islam and Orthodox Christianity

Main languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Money: The local currency is the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mark (BAM) which is divided into 100 pfennigs.

Time: GMT+1, GMT+2 in during daylight savings time.

Electricity: 230 volts, 50 Hz. Plugs with two round pins are used throughout the country.

Internet domain: .ba

International dialling code: +387

Emergency number: 112

Drives on the: Cars in Bosnia and Herzegovina drive on the right-hand side of the road.