Expat Blogs in Greece

Few resources can build a better picture of life in Greece than the expat blogs maintained by already established foreigners. Whether these writers are recounting great challenges, humorous encounters, delivering crucial advice and important tips, or reaching out to those around them, their insight affords others a unique glimpse into their community.

Recommended expat blogs about Greece

Life Beyond Borders

Bex is a British expat in Greece who has lived all over the world. After her successful Leaving Cairo blog, Bex launched her new blog in 2014. Life Beyond Borders still offers a light-hearted and often informative look at living in Greece but it also tells the stories of her travels further abroad. 

Nationality: British

Xpat Athens

A website by expats, for expats, it offers access to news, classifieds, information about events and opportunities for socialising with expatriates in the Greek capital.

Nationality: Greek

My Greece, My Travels

A travel focused blog by American expat and writer, Marissa Tejada. Find out about nightlife in the Hellenic Republic and the best on offer in the Greek Islands.

Nationality: American