Shipping and Removals in Italy

To streamline the process of shipping to Italy, expats need to have a detailed inventory of household items so that a reputable company can provide a comprehensive quote, based on the load size and the distance travelled (from the country of origin to the Italian destination).

It is advisable to get different quotes from companies that are accredited by the shipping/removal industry. There are companies that offer a 'groupage service', where possessions are allocated space in other containers. This is a cheaper option but it does mean waiting longer for goods to arrive.

It is important for expats to insure their items at the cost of around one to two percent of the total value of the goods. Expats should also consider using a different company for insurance than for the one used for the process of shipping and transport.

To avoid any problems, expats should research the current customs regulations pertaining to Italy before shipping their goods. Expats will need documentation that includes a passport copy, residence visa, work permit, an inventory list translated into Italian, a fiscal number (Italian tax number) and a residency certificate, although other documentation may be required in addition to this. 

Expats will be able to ship their household goods to Italy if these goods have been owned by the expat for longer than 12 months, if the goods are not for resale and if the goods are brought into Italy within six months of arrival in the country. 

Restricted items include all consumable goods (e.g. alcohol). New furniture and household items will be subject to duty taxes, and the import of all electronic equipment will require an Import Permit from the Italian Ministry of Posts and Communications, and possibly a receipt of purchase.