Work permits for Malta

Work permits in Malta are officially known as employment licences, and are issued by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC).

Foreign workers from the EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland don’t need an employment licence for Malta, while expats from elsewhere will.

Expats will need a job offer from a business in Malta to start the process, since Maltese work permits can only be applied for by a registered employer.

Maltese employment licences are valid for a maximum of one year, and have to be renewed.

The process for work permits in Malta

The work permit application process for non-EU expats involves the employer submitting an application along with supporting documents supplied by the prospective employee. These documents include:

  • Reference letters

  • Passport photos

  • Travel documents

  • Qualifications

  • Proof of experience

  • Approval for the candidate to perform their work from a regulatory body

  • Health clearance (in certain cases)

The ETC then processes the application and grants or denies the work permit. Rejections are usually communicated within 15 days of application. If it is approved and the candidate lives outside the country, they'll have to get a visa for Malta.

After receiving their employment licence and entering the country, the candidate has to get a residence permit for Malta from the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs.

Renewing a work permit in Malta

To renew their Maltese employment licence, expats would have to apply for their new permit at least eight weeks before the old on expires. This will have to be accompanied by proof of paying income tax and national insurance.