Expat Experiences in the Netherlands

When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in the Netherlands and would like to share your story.


Having lived in a number of countries growing up, Monique is a serial expat who now calls Amsterdam her home. She enjoys the city's tolerant attitude and good public transport links. Read more about her expat experience in the Netherlands.

Harini and Eric are an expat couple living in the Netherlands. They moved to Amsterdam because they wanted to live in Europe. They find Amsterdam a very easy city to live in and enjoy blogging about it. Read more about their expat life in the Netherlands.

Dana is a Romanian expat living in Amsterdam. She initially moved to the Netherlands when her partner got a job in Amsterdam. Two years down the line they are enjoying the city, apart from the non-existent summers. Read more about her expat experience in the Netherlands.

Tracey Chalmers is a British expat living in Breda with her husband, aka Mr Sunshine, and their beloved Tibetan terrier, Alfie. She shares her expat experiences with a touch of humour and offers some great tips for those thinking of relocating to the Netherlands. Read about her expat experience in the Netherlands.

Jeremy Holland is an American expat from California who is now living in the Netherlands. Having previously lived in Barcelona with his Spanish wife and their daughter, they now call Oudorp their home. Jeremy is the author of a series of short stories, and his most recent publication, From Barcelona: Stories Behind the City, is available on Amazon. Read about his expat life in the Netherlands.

Edward Chetwynd-Talbot is a British expat who is currently living in Amsterdam with his wife and children. Having lived in many countries around the world, including in Asia, Europe and the US, here he gives us his take on expat life in the Netherlands.

Tiffany Jansen recently moved to the Netherlands after marrying her Dutch husband. Her father is a pilot for Delta Airlines, so she’s lived in places like Japan, Greece and Germany before high school. Read about her experience of expat life in the Netherlands here.

David R. Hampton, PhD, left the USA for England to take a business degree at the University of Cambridge. Once completed, he took a corporate expat assignment in the Netherlands.  He then left corporate to start his own businesses one year ago in the Netherlands. Read about his expat experience in the Netherlands.

Nicola McCall is an expat life coach based between the Netherlands and the UK. Through her work with Live Life Now Coaching, and the International Women's Contact Utrecht, she assists expats to lead more meaningful and satisfying lives abroad. This is her experience of expat life in her corner of Holland.

Amanda van Mulligen is a thoroughbred English woman, who made the short migration down to the Netherlands in 2000. She maintains a blog about expat life called A Letter from the Netherlands, and also runs a company that provides English language writing services.

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