Education and Schools in Madrid

Public schools in Madrid are mostly attended by locals. These institutions can be good options for young expat children to learn the language and to adjust to life in Spain, but it can be challenging for older students to attend classes that are taught in Spanish. 

Private and international schools in Madrid

Many madrileños send their young students to private Catholic schools, which are subsidised by the government and form an important part of the system of education in Spain. Tuition at these institutions is often much less expensive than European private schools. However, subsidised schools also teach Spanish curricula in the Spanish language, and can be similarly difficult for newly arrived expat children. 

Independent and international schools in Madrid teach in English, but both tend to be on the expensive side. Independent private schools in Madrid can cost thousands of euros a year and expat parents should be aware that some of them might refer to themselves as international schools while teaching Spanish curricula in a foreign language. These tend to be more popular with the locals than the expat community.

There are, however, plenty of international schools that uphold the teaching language and curriculum of countries such as the United States, England and Germany. These schools are more experienced in accommodating students who have previously studied different curricula and act as an effective bridge between a student's home country and their new environment. 

All reputable schools of this kind are registered with the embassy of their home country. Many international schools have long waiting lists, and expat families are encouraged to enrol their children well before the school year begins.