Working in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one of the most prosperous cities in Scotland and a cornerstone of the Scottish economy. It is internationally recognised as a business centre with a number of globally competitive industries, excellent academic and research capacities and a growing, highly skilled workforce. Unemployment levels in the city are consistently below the UK average, making Aberdeen a great place for people looking for work.

Job market in Aberdeen

The city’s economy was traditionally based on fishing, textiles and shipbuilding but these industries are no longer as prominent as they once were. Over the years, Aberdeen’s economy has modernised and traditional industries have given way to the high-technology sector, energy, agriculture, property and the oil industry, all of which have been significant contributors in the city’s economic boom.

Energy is the key driver of the local economy in Aberdeen, employing roughly 10 percent of workers in the city. Aberdeen is recognised as one of the leading cities in Europe in the area in oil and gas. This is one of the sectors which attracts a large number of skilled expats to Aberdeen each year.

The property industry has also benefitted from the growth and development of Aberdeen’s economy. As the city grows, there is a sustained demand for both commercial and industrial property. This has made Aberdeen a popular destination for property developers and investors. There are lots of business parks and accommodation complexes that are under development. 

Finding a job in Aberdeen

Most expats who relocate to Aberdeen do so with a firm employment offer in place. It is a great city for expats with relevant skills and qualifications to build a career for themselves. Expats who move to Aberdeen often find themselves staying far beyond the end of their initial contract as there are plenty of opportunities for career progression in the city.

Those without a job offer can search for opportunities online or in local newspapers, though the best approach is often networking.

Finally, it is important to note that non-EU expats moving to Aberdeen to take up employment must hold a work permit to legally work in Scotland. For expats from outside the EU, the employer will be required to prove why they were unable to hire a candidate from within the EU for the position.

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