Working in Edinburgh

Just as Edinburgh's civic character is often described as a Jekyll and Hyde type divide, expats considering working in Edinburgh should be prepared for a similarly stark polarisation. The city's workforce is separated between a highly qualified population of professionals and a group of low-income workers who have no qualification.

Several of Edinburgh's key industries include financial and business services, renewable energy, electronic technologies and a highly successful life sciences sector. Scotland also continues to pursue innovation in areas such as textiles, computer gaming, animation and fashion.

Job market in Edinburgh

Expats with a tertiary education should look either to the University of Edinburgh or to the Royal Bank of Scotland for employment opportunities. These are two of the largest employers in the city, and they also paint an accurate picture of an Edinburgh economy that emphasises its financial services and its education sector.

The city's science and technology sector is also quite robust, and has the potential to attract highly skilled foreign nationals interested in working in Edinburgh.

On the other end of the spectrum is a thriving tourism and hospitality industry and a selection of creative industries that hinge on the annual Edinburgh festival. Though formal positions in these sectors can be limited, there are lots of informal positions that appeal to younger, more inexperienced expats looking for a cultural experience rather than a leg up on the career ladder.

Overall, Edinburgh has enjoyed some of the largest recent economic growth in the UK. Its role as a financial hub and as a city that isn't scared to embrace its own innovative impulses also inspires many to travel into the centre for work on a daily basis. In fact, almost a third of the workforce lives outside the city limits.

Finding a job in Edinburgh

Expats looking to find a job in Edinburgh should keep tabs on the recruitment pages and the business news in the Scottish press – namely the Scotsman and the Herald. Recruitment agencies and online job postings may also be helpful in finding work.