Expat Experiences in the United Kingdom

When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats living and working there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in the UK and would like to share your story.

Kimberley Mueller is an American expat who moved to London 2014 after spending most of her life in New York and Washington. While she acknowledges having to make some small adjustments when moving from the USA, the pros of efficient public transports, opportunities to travel around Europe and the diverse local community have more than made up for what she misses about home. You can get an insight into expat life in London by reading Kimberly's interview with Expat Arrivals. 

Danielle Sasaki is a Candian expat who moved from Winnipeg, Canada to rural Aberdeenshire in Scotland to start life with her husband. Danielle is a teacher who enjoys running and blogging in her spare time. You can read more about Danielle's thoughts on expat life in Scotland in her interview with Expat Arrivals.

Meghan Fenn is an American expat who has been living in the UK for the past eleven years. She is married to a British man and they live in Worthing with their three children. Meghan is the author of a book about raising kids abroad, Bringing Up Brits: Expat Parents Raising Cross-Cultural Kids in Britain. Read her expat experience in Britain.

Meghan - An America expat in Britain

Gabrielle Hase is an American expat from New York, now living in London and working as an eCommerce strategy consultant. She’s been here for 3.5 years and is married to an Englishman. Here is her experience of living in London.

Melissa Stoey fell in love with Britain as a child after listening to Rolling Stones records. That lead to a love of British comedy and an appreciation of rainy days. She was posted to Bedfordshire in 1988 as an Airman with the US Air force. Later she met and married and Scotsman and now only reluctantly leaves the British Isles. Here is her experience of living in Britain.

Michael Harling was born and grew up in rural, upstate New York.  He never entertained the notion of moving to another country until he visited Ireland in 2001 and met a Sussex gal. Six months later he had quit his 25-year civil service career, given up his apartment, sold his brand new car and was married and living in Sussex. Here is his experience of living in West Sussex in the UK.

Suzanne Doyle-Morris, PhD is author of Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field. She also runs a fast-track career development programme for high potential professional females. Born in Alice Springs, Australia, and raised in Washington DC, Suzanne now lives in Scotland. This is her experience of expat life in Edinburgh.

Kadian Pow has been visiting Britain for over ten years and at last has made the move here, settling in Birmingham. She comes from Kingston, Jamaica but has lived most of her life in Washington, DC. Kaidan works as an Educational Consultant for the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Read her story here.

Wendy McCooey is an expat Texas who has brought to her life in London an energy and curiosity beyond compare. The result of her indepth knowledge of London's nooks and crannies is a new tour company that allows her to share the city's delights with visitors. She tells all in her account of expat life in London.