Healthcare in London

The United Kingdom is home to the National Health Service (NHS), widely praised as one of the world's best public healthcare systems. The NHS is complemented by a wide range of excellent public hospitals, so expats moving to London need not worry about finding adequate care.

Not all expats will be immediately eligible to use the NHS, however, and some may have to pay a visa surcharge to do so. To find out more about this and how it affects their individual situation, expats should visit the UK government website.

While the quality of care in public and private hospitals is on par, the NHS is notorious for its long waiting times. To bypass this, some expats prefer to use private healthcare. This can be expensive, though, so expats are advised to invest in a comprehensive health insurance policy to ensure that costs are covered.

Below is a list of some of London's top public and private hospitals.

Public hospitals in London


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Address: 369 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London


Guy's Hospital

Address: Great Maze Pond, London


King's College Hospital

Address: Denmark Hill, Brixton, London


Royal Brompton Hospital

Address: Sydney Street, Chelsea, London


St Bartholemew's Hospital

Address: West Smithfield, London

Private hospitals in London


Bupa Cromwell

Address: 164-178 Cromwell Road, London


King Edward VII's Hospital

Address: 5-10 Beaumont Street


Highgate Private Hospital

Address: 17-19 View Road, Highgate, London


London Bridge Hospital

Address: 27 Tooley Street, London


The Princess Grace Hospital

Address: 42-52 Nottingham Place, Marylebone, London

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