Address: 90 Oxford Gardens, London W10 5UW and 22 Vicar’s Road, London NW54NL

Telephone: +44 20 8964 4356

Gender: Co-educational

Teaching language: French and English

Curriculum: French, EYFS and National Curriculum of England for the English part and Programmes de l’Education Nationale for the French part. Each language is taught 50% of the time with equal exposure to each language.

Age: 2 to 11

What the school says

"We prioritise small class sizes within a personalised teaching program which allows children to progress according to their own individual rate of learning, and not just their age. We have qualified, attentive and devoted teaching staff, native speakers of the target language and tailored according to the age and needs of the children, a flexible teaching plan designed to be easily adapted to cater for each child’s age and rhythm of learning. We teach multiple languages by incorporating them into other fundamental areas of learning with an active teaching method which offers our pupils certain autonomy, and allows them to enjoy the pleasure of expressing themselves. We offer a wide choice of cultural, theatrical, artistic, musical and sports activities taught by visiting staff specially trained in these areas, encouraging the child to blossom both artistically and intellectually. We welcome all pupils coming from a variety of backgrounds."


Fees for the 2018/2019 school year range from GBP 9,500 to GBP 9,600. Fees are payable per term.

From the headteacher

"Dear parents,

Go Bilingual! There is no better gift for your child, speaking two languages is a priceless gift nowadays, but nonetheless parents often have to give priority to either one language or the other when it comes to picking their kid’s school. When you chose La Petite Ecole Bilingue, teaching in French and English, from both curriculums, families stay open for the choice of their secondary school and have the opportunity to observe their child in different environments.

With our individual approach when you come to LPEBL you not only join a school but you become a full member of a family. Our pupils achieve excellent levels, not only because they are in a fantastic learning environment but also simply because they love coming to school. Come and join us for a wonderful journey in the land of bilingualism!"

From the parents

"Une vraie ecole billingue dans une ambiance familiale (classes de 10-12 eleves, beaucoup de frateries). Excellents enseignants qui comprennent les complexites de l'enseignement billingue." / "A true bilingual school in a friendly family environment (classes of 10-12 pupils, many siblings). Excellent teachers who understand the complexity of bilingual learning." (AK)

"Je souhaite vous remercier pour tout ce que vous faites pour les enfants. G… est épanouis et tres heureux de venir à l'ecole."/ "I would like to thank the school for all their hard work and for everything they do for our children. Our child (G) is always very happy to come to school." (ML)

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