Working in Paris

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Despite France's position as one of the foremost economies in Europe, and globally finding a job in Paris isn't easy. For a start, expats will need to be fluent in French to land a lucrative position in the capital.

The majority of expats in Paris relocate as a result of an inter-company transfer where they had previously worked for the same employer overseas. While it is possible to find a job through one's own efforts, it is beneficial to do some networking and make use of contacts in Paris.

Job market in Paris

Working in FranceParis is one of the most visited destinations in the world and, as a result, skills in the tourism industry are well-respected and in high demand. Expats with experience in the hospitality and the service industries will encounter no shortage of job opportunities.

Paris is also the corporate centre of France and is home to the headquarters of many top international firms. Expats wishing to move to Paris are advised to search for international organisations from their home country that may be interested in employing foreign nationals.

The average working day in France is from 9am to 6pm, but this can vary according to industry field. Those in the tourism industry work different hours and may even be subject to shift work.

Expats working on a contract can expect a fair amount of leave and two extra cheques a year. Expats can expect approximately 25 percent of their income to be deducted for tax purposes.

Finding a job in Paris

Getting a job can be difficult for expats wishing to work in Paris. It’s vital to learn the language to fill even the most basic entry level position. That being said, there are a number of jobs expats can do until they have a better grasp of the French language. English language teachers and au pairs can make enough money to live on until their French level becomes sufficient to enter the mainstream working environment.

Most people find employment through networking and alumni organisations, as well as through innumerable classified listings on the Internet.

A CV is the usual way to apply for a job in France, followed by an interview. The French expect to be pestered, so it can be useful for an expat to follow up an application with a number of calls inquiring as to when an interview will be arranged.

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