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Despite Germany’s status as the second biggest consumer of beer in the world, expats will to find it quite sobering that most of Munich’s population retains a healthy physique.
fitness in munich
One can't help but wonder how the local folk, including some rather petite women, manage to swallow litres of Helles or Weissbier in one sitting, week after week, while somehow avoiding the notorious 'Bavarian Beer Belly'. However, on closer inspection it becomes apparent that these people have got the best of both worlds – an appetite for life, and a passion for sports and fitness.

While numerous people prefer to run or cycle to keep trim, many enjoy the social atmosphere of a club or gym – and Munich has no shortage of these. At the same time, come rain or shine, outdoor sports are by far the most appealing activities for expats. With warm summers and freezing winters, the climate plays host to scores of contrasting sports that keep one entertained and active all year round. And with the Alps only a one-and-a-half hour drive away, skiing and snowboarding are, understandably, at the top of the list.

Recommended health and fitness activities in Munich

In summer

For a comprehensive list of courses in and around Munich, visit and find all the details you need to get swinging.

Football (Soccer)
With football being one of the national sports of Germany, expats – men, women and children – won’t have a problem finding a club in their district. Visit your nearest recreational facility to enquire about leagues or just position yourself to put the word out to new friends and acquaintances.

Fitness in MunichNordic Walking
Nordic walking is huge in Europe, and Munich is no exception. Join hoards of walkers on routes all over the city and its surrounds. Visit (German site) to learn more about Munich's premier Nordic outdoor centre, and sign up for a course, find a partner, or participate in one of their events.

Inline Skating
Although not a team/club sport, solo inline skaters are often seen cruising through the streets at any given time of the day. However, they all come together in thousands on Blade Night. Visit (German site) to find out when and where the next route starts.

In winter

Skiing and snowboarding
Skiing and snowboarding is a favourite way to keep warm during winter. Luckily, Munich is just proximal to a number or skiing and snowboarding resorts. For a list of nearby ski resorts, visit (German site).


For a list of good tennis clubs, visit

From Hatha and Ashtanga to Kundalini and Tantra, there's a studio to match your every style:
  • Amouni –
  • Airyoga –
  • Yogasanne –
  • Iyoga –
  • Ashtanga Yoga –
  • Kundalini Yoga Zentrum Munich –
  • Barbra Noh Yoga -

Rock Climbing, Hiking and Mountaineering
For mountain sport related queries, the Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV) has all the answers. Visit their website at to find out everything you need to know about indoor climbing halls, route guides, mountain conditions, hut locations etc.

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