Safety in Hong Kong

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Expats need not worry too much about the level of safety in Hong Kong. While petty theft does occur, serious crimes are far less frequent, and there is generally have a low crime rate.
For the most part, a large, highly trained police presence deters criminals, especially in the heavily patrolled city centre. In areas where the presence of police is less concentrated, some apartment complexes and houses employ private security companies.

Crime in Hong Kong

Most people feel safe to walk at night as violent crime isn't a large concern. There are no areas of Hong Kong that particularly need to be avoided but, as is the case in many other urban centres, expats should be especially mindful of their belongings in congested areas.

Pickpockets are most common in marketplaces, on public transportation, and in the Central District. Aside from this, expats only have to take standard security precautions.

  • Lock doors and windows when leaving home

  • Keep valuable possessions out of plain view

  • Be aware of surrounds and keep note of personal belongings


Road safety in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a well-developed system of roads, and an admirably efficient public transportation system. Orderly congestion is standard in the city, especially during rush hour. Road accident deaths in Hong Kong are also fairly low, but caution should be taken nonetheless.

Health safety in Hong Kong

There are no specific health concerns associated with Hong Kong, and in the case of any kind of viral outbreak, the government is quick to respond to potential diseases.

Emergency numbers in Hong Kong

For all emergencies in Hong Kong requiring police, the fire department or an ambulance, expats should dial 999.

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