Safety in Hong Kong

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Police patrol in Hong KongExpats can expect to feel secure, given the high level of safety in Hong Kong. While petty theft and even more serious crimes do occur, with the latter happening far less frequently, Hong Kong Island and its surrounding areas generally have a low crime rate.
For the most part, a large, highly trained police presence deters criminals, especially in the heavily patrolled city centre. In areas where the presence of police is less concentrated, such as Kowloon or the New Territories, some apartment complexes and houses employ a private security company.

Most people feel safe to walk at night as violent crime isn't a large concern. There are no areas of Hong Kong that particularly need to be avoided but, as is the case in many other urban centres, expats should be especially mindful of their belongings in congested areas.

Pickpockets are most common in marketplaces, on public transportation such as the MTR, Peak Tram or Star Ferry; and in the Central District. Aside from this, expats only have to take standard security precautions.

  • Lock doors and windows when leaving home

  • Keep valuable possessions out of plain view

  • Be aware of one's surroundings and keep note of personal belongings.


Road safety in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a well-developed system of roads, and an admirably efficient public transportation system. Orderly congestion is standard in the city, especially during rush hour. Road accident deaths in Hong Kong are also fairly low with 120 people, on average, dying in road accidents per year. According to the Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, however, this is part of a general trend that has seen casualties progressively decrease from a significantly higher 202 people in 2003. 

Health safety in Hong Kong

There are no specific health concerns associated with Hong Kong. The government is also quick to respond to potential diseases after a SARS outbreak wreaked havoc in 2003, with the sporadic cases of bird flu that do arise quickly managed and contained. 

Emergency Numbers

  • Medical: 999
  • Police: 999

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