Safety in Hungary

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Expats moving to Hungary need not be overly concerned about safety as the country has a relatively low crime rate. Nevertheless, instances of petty crime such as theft, pick-pocketing and tourist scams do occur, especially in large cities and tourist areas like Budapest.

General safety in Hungary​

Expats in Hungary are advised to take all of the necessary precautions of being in a foreign country, including not travelling alone at night in unfamiliar areas and not leaving valuables unattended. Hungarians are friendly people that are generally welcoming of foreigners, but expats should nevertheless keep their wits about them and not be too trusting of strangers.

Scams in Hungary​

New arrivals should be wary of scams involving overcharging for goods and services including taxis, restaurants and bars. Establishments that are involved in such activity are known to work with some taxi drivers, so expats should treat any recommendations from a cab driver with caution. Furthermore, expats should make sure that the price of their food and drinks in a restaurant is clear before ordering, as this can avoid any such complications.

Politics in Hungary​

Expats moving to Hungary are advised to stay clear of large demonstrations, particularly those that are politically oriented, as violence has been known to flare up during these events. Expats should be particularly wary of demonstrations or activities involving the Magyar Gárda Foundation, sometimes known as the Hungarian Guard Movement, which is a radical nationalist group professing intolerance towards the Roma, Jews and homosexuals.

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