Frequently Asked Questions about Bengaluru

Is Bengaluru the high-tech capital it's made out to be?

Yes and no. The contradictions typical of big cities in developing countries, like high rises alongside slums, are here too. But the high-tech boom is a real phenomenon, and Bengaluru's economy is largely driven by software companies and innovative start-ups.

What jobs can expats expect in Bengaluru?

Most opportunities are in IT-related industries. Expats often find positions in management, quality assurance, translation, marketing and accent training jobs. There's stiff competition from locals in many other fields, and expats should make an effort to learn the ins and outs of doing business in India

Is a car necessary?

A car is convenient but not strictly necessary. Driving in Bengaluru can be stressful, so many expats try to live close to their jobs. This makes it possible to catch motor pools, taxis or the metro. Leasing a car is an option, and some expats hire a driver. For expats with family, schools often have bus services that pick students up. 

Is Bengaluru safe?

Bengaluru is safe during the day, but expats generally need to be vigilant about petty crime in India and walking alone at night isn't advisable. The city's wealth gap makes for high rates of burglary and robbery.

What are the schools in Bengaluru like?

Many expats choose between several well-respected international schools in Bengaluru. It's a good idea to make finding one a priority before the move, but some expats would rather visit a school before making a final decision.

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