Restaurants in Mumbai

Curry from restaurants in Mumbai
Although its traditional cuisine is popular with Westerners, many of the restaurants in Mumbai specialise in European and Eastern cuisine.

From Tandoori and Punjabi to Gujarati and Mughlai cuisine, India’s scrumptious spectrum is well represented, but expats will be pleased to know that their favourite butter chicken and chicken tikka masala regularly feature on restaurant menus.

A 10 percent tip is more common in touristic restaurants, but long-time residents know that baksheesh (a bribe) before the meal to ensure better service is more the norm.

Some of the city's most popular restaurants include:

Jimmy Boy Restaurant
Specialising in Iranian and Farsi food, expats can experience something a little different when they need a break from the fullness of the Indian flavour.
Tel: (022) 2270 4576

Trishna specialises in seafood and shabby chic décor. The restaurant is popular with locals, and diners can expect to rub shoulders with the city’s elite.
Tel: (022) 2270 3213

Specialising in Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, Joss is a gastronomical adventure that boasts fresh food and innovative ingredients.
Tel: (022) 6635 6908

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