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work permit in Ireland
Expats who are EU citizens or citizens of Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein do not need a work permit to legally work in Ireland. Expats moving to Ireland from any other country need an employment offer prior to applying for and obtaining a work permit in Ireland. Subsequently many hiring companies handle much of the visa transactions and costs.
In Ireland there are four formal types of employment permits: work permits, Green Card permits, spousal/dependent work permits and intra-company transfer permits. 

Work permits

Work permits for Ireland are issued by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and can either be applied for by the employer or the employee, based on an offer of employment.
The work permit is valid for two years with options for renewal, the processing fee is 1,000 EUR , which may be covered by an employer. 
Work permits are available for occupations with an annual remuneration of 30,000 EUR or more, and the employee must have the relevant qualifications, skills and experience for the proposed employment. 

Green Card

The Green Card is the most common work permit for Ireland. This type of work visa is aimed at attracting skilled expats to Ireland. There are two ways to qualify for a Green Card, the first of which is to earn more than 60,000 EUR a year from a proposed job offer, and the second type of Green Card eligibility is for professionals that will be able to fill skills gaps at a professional level in the Irish workforce, according to a Highly Skilled Occupations List. These salaries are below 60,000 EUR but above 30,000 EUR in types of employment that can range from IT, healthcare, construction, finances, and others. 
The Green Card permit is issued for a period of two years. It is not necessary to renew the Green Card permits; holders of this permit may be granted a stamp for permission for a further two years when it expires, provided they are still working in the same occupation, for the same employer and for at least the same salary as stated on the permit.

Intra-company transfer work permits

An intra-company transfer permit is aimed at transferring employees within the same company. These employees must earn at least 40,000 EUR annually and either be senior management, attending training or have a good reason for transferring. If the expat leaves the company their work permit is also terminated. Once a work permit is granted to an expat, their spouse and children can also qualify for a work permit without having to meet requirements that are as stringent.

Spousal/dependant work permits

Foreigners who are married to or in a civil partnership with a person who holds a valid employment permit or who are the dependant (unmarried and under the age of 18) of the permit holder are eligible to apply for a spousal/dependant work permit. The spouse or dependant needs to already be resident in Ireland. The person holding the original work permit needs to have made their first work permit application prior to June 2009. 
Those who are married to or are the dependants of work permit holders who applied for their permit after June 2009 have to apply for a work permit for Ireland in their own right.

*Requirements for employment and work permits are subject to change at short notice and expats are advised to consult with their  respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.

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