Work Permits for Bahrain

In order for expats to legally work in Bahrain, they will need to obtain a work permit.

Bahrain's workforce is made up of a large percentage of expats, and with such a large number of foreigners working in the Kingdom, the authorities have made the process of obtaining a work permit fairly straightforward.

However, expats do need to have employer sponsorship before they can apply for a work permit in Bahrain.

Applying for a work permit for Bahrain

Once a job offer is solidified, the hiring company will usually completely bear the burden of organising visas and paperwork. In such cases, expats will merely need to help supply the requested document

Self-employed individuals and those that own their own business can apply for work permits with the help of a Bahraini national. Thus, it's advised to enlist the help of an agency for this task.

Work permits are valid for a maximum of two years, at which point they need to be renewed.

Once an expat arrives in Bahrain with a work permit, they will also need to apply for a residency permit.