Public Holidays in Iran




Martyrdom of Fatima

9 February

29 January

 Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

11 February

11 February

Oil Nationalisation Day

20 March

19 March

Novruz (Persian New Year)

21-24 March

20-22 March

Birthday of Imam Ali

20 March

9 April

Islamic Republic Day

1 April

31 March

Nature Day

2 April

2 April

The Prophet's Ascension 

3 April

22 March

Imam Mahdi's Birthday

21 April

9 April

Martyrdom of Imam Ali

27 May 14 May

Anniversary of Khomeini's Death

4 June

3 May

Revolt of Khordad

5 June

5 June

Eid al-Fitr

5 June

24 May

Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq

 29 July

17 June

Eid al-Adha

12 August

31 July

Eid al-Ghadir

20 August

8 August


9 September

28 August


10 September

29 August


19 October

8 October

Martyrdom of Imam Reeza

29 October

17 October

The Prophet's Birthday

15 November

29 October


Islamic holidays are subject to the sighting of the moon, and dates can change on the Gregorian calendar.

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