Public Holidays in Oman




New Year's Day*

1 January

1 January

Ascension of the Prophet

13 April

3 April

Renaissance Day

23 July

23 July

Eid Al Fitr

15-18 June

5-9 June

Feast of the Sacrifice

22-25 August

12-15 August

Hijri New Year's Day

11 September

1 September

Birthday of HM Sultan Qaboos (National Holiday)

18 November

18 November

Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday

20 November

10 November


*New Year's Day is not an official public holiday in Oman, but most people get the day off of work.

*If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday becomes a holiday.

*Islamic holidays are subject to change based on sightings of the moon.