Healthcare in Qatar

Healthcare in Qatar is perceived as being among the best available in the Middle East. The emirate offers expats both private and public options, and boasts cutting-edge medical equipment, up-to-date facilities and highly trained specialists. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Qatar falls just 25 USD behind the United Arab Emirates in healthcare expenditure per capita but remains well ahead of the rest of its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners and, indeed, the world average. This partiallly accounts for the country's low birth mortality rates and a growing medical tourism industry.

Expats can use both the public and the private system, but many prefer the latter to avoid the bureaucracy associated with the former. Health insurance isn't provided by the government, and it’s recommended that all expats living in Qatar take out private health insurance to cover costs that can rise quickly in the case of medical complications and emergencies.

Public healthcare in Qatar

Public healthcare in Qatar is managed by the Hamad Medical Corporation, a non-profit organisation that has been in charge of the country's major public hospitals since 1979. It has created an intricate network of hospitals and clinics which provide free treatment to local Qataris, and largely subsidised services for expats at institutions such as the Hamad General Hospital, Al Khor Hospital, Women’s Hospital and the Psychiatric Hospital. 
Foreigners moving to Qatar only need apply for a health card in order to take advantage of state-sponsored healthcare. Expatriates in the emirate will, however, need to pay nominal charges for tests, consultations and inpatient care.

Getting a health card

Applications for a health card can be completed at a general post office or a recognised health card office. Expats need only bring a copy of their passport with their residence visa, two colour passport-sized photographs, and a completed application form, in addition to a basic fee. Renewals can now be done online at the Qatari government ePortal, or at a health card office.

The Qatari health card is presented upon treatment at any public facility, giving the bearer a subsidised rate.

Private healthcare in Qatar

The Qatari government is also a strong advocate for the development of private sector services. Many healthcare professionals in Qatar are expats themselves, lured there by attractive salary packages and the spirit of adventure.

Private healthcare is available either on a pay-as-needed basis, or as a service covered by local or international healthcare providers. Given that treatment costs can accumulate quickly, it is advised that expats ensure they have some sort of insurance.

Health insurance in Qatar

Expats moving to Qatar should make an effort to have their sponsor/employer include private health insurance in their contract. This coverage, in addition to the basic health card, will ensure that all of their healthcare concerns can be laid to rest while living in the emirate.

Pharmacies in Qatar

There are plenty of pharmacies available, some of which are open late into the night. Most stock a good range of products, although it’s always a good idea to bring a small supply of any necessary medication from home until its availability in Qatar can be confirmed.

Emergency services in Qatar

Qatar has a large fleet of emergency vehicles with impressive average response times. Dial 999 to call the police, the fire department or an ambulance.