Safety in Qatar

There are few major concerns when it comes to safety in Qatar. Confidence in the emirate’s security capabilities was highlighted when it was chosen to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Most crime occurs among unskilled labourers, although there are concerns about crime increasing in the coming years. Nonetheless, security infrastructure is expected to improve even further in the run-up to the event and safety is likely to remain a priority for the Qatari government.

Crime in Qatar

Crimes in Qatar that affect foreign visitors are mainly petty in nature and include unarmed, opportunistic theft, commercial and residential burglary and theft from unattended vehicles. The Qatar police force has acted to safeguard locals and expats alike and provides a high standard of security. The force is highly visible and capable.

Financial fraud is a growing concern in Qatar and expats are strongly advised to take precautions in their financial dealings. Credit and debit card fraud also occur; however, the overall threat is no higher than in most cities in the West.

Terrorism in Qatar

While terrorist activity in the country has historically been low, Qatar isn't immune to the threat of Islamist extremism. The high number of expats in Qatar, particularly Westerners, and the government’s growing involvement in regional political affairs increases the possibility that it may be targeted in the future.

That said, the last major terrorist attack against civilians in Qatar happened in 2005 and the security force has an efficient counter-terrorism unit, which lowers the likelihood of future attacks being successful.

Protests in Qatar

Qatar was one of several Middle Eastern states that weren't affected by the 2011 Arab Spring and its fallout. The government remains popular and political opposition is limited. As a result, public protests are rare and, when they do take place, are generally peaceful and undisruptive.

Road safety in Qatar

The greatest safety threat to expats in Qatar is road travel. Traffic fatalities are among the leading causes of death in the country. Speeding, disobeying basic traffic laws and poor driving standards are often blamed for the high accident rate. Poor visibility during sandstorms and wandering livestock on highways outside of Doha also pose threats to drivers.