Articles about United Arab Emirates

Moving to a new country comes with some unique challenges - and who better to answer your questions than expats and relocation specialists. Below is a list of helpful articles packed with advice, tips, and first-hand experiences to help expats make a home for themselves in the UAE.

Wills and guardianship of children in the UAE 

Dealing with a crisis overseas is something no one anticipates. For expats with children the legality behind wills and guardianship and how it is affected by Sharia Law can seem daunting. It is important to familiarise yourself with wills and guardianship of children whilst living in the UAE.  

Top ten tips for starting a business in the UAE

Take it from someone with lots of experience, starting a business in the UAE can seem challenging. Make it easier for yourself by reading ten tips for starting a business in the UAE from an expert. 

Moving to the UAE with pets

Moving to the United Arab Emirates requires acquainting yourself with new customs and making careful arrangements; and if you’re planning to bring your pets to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, even more research is necessary. Pet relocation expert Caitlin Moore shares her advice on relocating pets to the UAE.

Setting up your finances in the UAE

Banking in the UAE may seem very unfamiliar to many expats moving here. You have the choice of both conventional and Islamic banking and there are many layers of admin you have to deal with. British expat and financial expert Suzanne Locke talks about some of the issues when it comes to setting up your finances in the UAE.

How to set up a business in the UAE

Wondering whether it's worth trying to start a business in the UAE? Then read this useful article outlining the ins and outs of becoming an entrepreneur in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Expat finance: Protect your pension funds from IHT with a QNUPS 

Wondering about how your pension fund will be protected from UK Inheritance Tax? Read this article about how exactly a Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme can help you do that. 

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Aetna International

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Cigna Global

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