Frequently Asked Questions about Norway

How do I live and work in Norway?

Frequently asked questions about NorwayAn increasing number of people are drawn to the combination of high salaries and almost-free education and healthcare in Norway. The good news for EU or EEA citizens is that one does not need a visa to live or work in Norway at first. After three months, one will need to apply for residency. Non-EEA citizens, including South Africans and Indians, will have a much more difficult time getting a work permit and moving to Norway.

Expats will need to first find a job in Norway before they can apply for residency. Teachers can also try contacting international schools directly to find out if there are positions available.

Note that many jobs in Norway require at least a basic proficiency in Norwegian.

What’s the weather like in Norway?

Norway is a northern country, which means it has long, dark winters and short summers with long, light days. Some parts of Norway are also rainy almost year round in addition to this. Many expats find it difficult to adjust to the lack of sunlight during Norwegian winters.

Is healthcare in Norway free?

No. For citizens and residents of Norway, healthcare is heavily subsidised by the government and is almost free but for a small fee payable after any visit to the doctor. After a certain limit, which changes each year, one's visits will be completely free.

Temporary residents and tourists are not entitled to this service (unless one's home country has a reciprocal agreement with Norway). Tourists should note that medical care in Norway is expensive and won’t necessarily be covered by medical insurance. A person should check with their insurance company before they travel, and take out additional insurance if necessary.

Do I need to buy a car in Norway?

It depends. Cities such as Oslo have excellent and affordable public transport and owning a car may be unnecessary. However, if a person has children or plans to travel often in Norway it might be a good idea to get a car. Norway has some of the strictest road traffic laws in the world and penalties can be severe, so it is recommended that a person becomes familiar with these when renting a car. Getting a Norwegian driver’s licence may the biggest obstacle.

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