Private Schools in Oslo

School bench in NorwaySecondary education in Norway is mainly in public schools. Until 2005, Norwegian law held private secondary schools to be illegal unless they offered a 'religious or pedagogic alternative', so the only private schools in existence were religious (Christian), Steiner/Waldorf, Montessori schools and Danielsen. The first "standard" private upper secondary schools opened in the autumn of 2005.

Private schools in Norway offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Norwegian. There are also an English international school in Oslo, several English international schools in Norway which offer the International Baccalaureate, as well as French and German schools.

Private schools in Norway

(International Baccalaureate)

Berg videregående skole
John Colletts allé 106, N-0870 Oslo

Bergen Katedralskole
Kong Oscarsg. 36, N-5017 Bergen

Lillestrøm videregående skole
Henrik Wergelandsgt. 1, Postboks 333
N-2000 Lillestrøm

Nesbru videregående skole
Halvdan Torgersensv. 8, Postboks 38, N-1368 Billingstad

Sandefjord videregående skole
Krokemovn. 2-4, Postboks 2006 Krokemoa, N-3214 Sandefjord

St. Olav videregående skole
Mølleg. 40, N-4008 Stavanger

Trondheim Katedralskole
Munkegaten 8, N-7013 Trondheim

Ås videregående skole
Gml. Hagstvedtvn. 9, Postboks 10, N-1430 Ås

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