Expat Experiences in Russia

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When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories from other expats who are lived there. Here is our first interview - please contact us if you live or have lived in Russia or Moscow and would like to share your experience.



After some time in a long-distance relationship with a Russian woman, Briton Stephen Matthews made the move to Moscow to be with his wife. A few years down the line, he has settled into his job at an international law firm and has two children. Stephen shares a few insights into expat life in Moscow. Read more about his expat experiences in Russia.
Stephen Matthews is a British expat living in Moscow, Russia.
Polly Barks is an American expat living in Russia. She moved to Moscow in 2010 to work as an English teacher. Despite the traffic jams, cold weather and uninteresting food choices, she loves the experience of living in one of the world’s largest cities. Read more about her expat life in Moscow. Polly Barks - An American expat living in Russia
Northern Lad is a British expat who moved to Moscow in September 2012 for a job. He enjoys life in the city, which he says is full of pretty ladies, has plenty of sights to see and is generally a safe place to be. Read more about his expat experiences in Russia. Northern Lad in Moscow - A British expat living in Russia
Laurent Fontaine, a French expat living in Moscow, has been a Russophile even before he could grow hair on his chest. Now all grown up and graduated, he’s capitalised on his love affair, and has moved to the land fabled for its harsh weather and severe cost of living. Find out what he has to say about his first year abroad in Russia. Laurent Fontaine - A French Expat Living in Moscow
Amanda Surbey lived in Moscow with her family. Originally from Ohio, Amanda was bitten by the travel bug when she spent a summer as an exchange student in Australia. Read her unique take on expat life in Moscow.
Rob McDonald has been a teacher, insurance mogul, US navy sailor and now is an expat in Russia. Rob lives in St Petersburg with his wife and three parakeets. Get his take on expat life in Russia here.
Philip Donnelly has taught English in Moscow for year now, and has this fascinating account of his time living and teaching in Moscow.

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