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There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move to Singapore a little easier.

A week in the life of an expat in Singapore

Singapore, a little Island off the tip of Malaysia, is a fairly new independent country, but has quickly grown to one of the world’s most prosperous; and expats from all over the globe have relocated to pinch their very own little piece of the pie in this terminally hot, rainforest climate. Laurel Harness takes us through a typical week in her life as an expat in Singapore.

How to escape Singapore's crowds

One of the most oft-heard gripes by expats in Singapore is about how quickly the country appears to have become over-crowded. So is there a way to escape the crowds? Expat Bryan Norman shares his thoughts on recreation in Singapore.

Street food in Singapore

While Singapore’s culinary scene has certainly matured over the last few years, the addition of Michelin star restaurants and celebrity chefs hasn’t stamped out the stove fires that started the city-state’s rich food culture. Street stalls and hawker centres, a food-court type collection of street stalls, still retain their reputation as the best and the cheapest eateries in Singapore.  

One expat's experience of healthcare in Singapore

Having little or no experience as a patient abroad, most expats have a certain amount of apprehension regarding admission to and treatment in a hospital that's not in the country in which they were born or spent most of their lives. American expat Bryan Norman shares his experience of the healthcare system in Singapore.

How to find a doctor in Singapore

Not sure how to navigate the medical system in Singapore? American expat Laurel Harness says that while this might seem daunting, no matter what type of healthcare doctor you choose, you will still get the best of healthcare in the city.

Where to live in Singapore

Not sure what area and suburb of Singapore is right for you and your family? See an expat's opinion on favourite expat areas in Singapore.

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