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Many of the private schools in Johannesburg have religious origins but are now mostly either nondenominational or tolerant of other beliefs. Private schools in the city are registered with the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) and Grade 12 students generally write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric exam, which is held in higher regard than the state matric qualification.

Schools are generally divided into junior preparatory school (Grades 0 to 3), senior preparatory school (Grades 4 to 7) and high school (Grades 8 to 12). The term "college" usually refers to a school that encompasses both preparatory and high school, although it can also refer to high school level. 

There are a number of reputable private schools in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, where most expats live.

Brescia House School
Gender: Girls only
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 4 to 18 (kindergarten to Grade 12)
Established 1966, this Catholic girls' school is considered one of the best schools in the country. The campus is in Bryanston. Read more


Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: South African and British
Ages: 4 to 11 (kindergarten to Grade 7)
This pre-preparatory and preparatory school in Honeydew opened in 1976 and draws on the best elements of the South African and British Curriculums. Read more

Redhill School

Gender: Co-educational
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 2 to 18 (pre-kindergarten to Grade 12)
Redhill is over 100 years old and has around 1,100 students. The campus is in the Morningside/Sandton area. Read more


Gender: Girls
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 5 to 18 (kindergarten to Grade 12)
A prestigious girls school with a hundred-year-long history, modelled on the school of the same name in Brighton, UK. Read more

St David's

Gender: Boys
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Age: 4 to 18 (Grade 00 to Grade 12)
St David's is a boys school with a Catholic ethos in Sandton. The school has a strong sporting tradition. Read more

St John's College

Gender: Boys or co-educational
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Age: 5 to 18 (Grade 0 to Grade 12)
Founded in 1898, this prestigious boys school has excellent sporting and academic traditions. A co-educational Sixth form follows the Cambridge curriculum. Read more

St Peter's Boys School

Gender: Boys
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 5 to13 (Grade 0 to Grade 7)
With a history that goes back to 1950, St Peter’s Boys School is an Anglican primary school accepting students from Grade 0 to 7 (five to 13 years old). Read more

St Peter's College
Gender: Co-ed
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 14 to 18 (Grade 8 to Grade 12)
This Anglican prep school was established in 1950, although the independent high school has been operating since 1998. The campus is in Bryanston. Read more

St Peter's Girls School
Gender: Girls
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 5 to13 (Grade 0 to Grade 7)
St Peter’s Girls School is an Anglican Diocesan primary school accepting students from Grade 0 to 7 (five to 13 years old). Read More

St Stithians College

Gender: Co-ordinate
Curriculum: South African (IEB)
Ages: 5 to18 (Grade 0 to Grade 12)
St Stithians consists of five schools from junior preparatory to separate girls and boys preparatory schools, and colleges (high schools) respectively. It is remarkable for its co-ordinate structure which emphasises gender autonomy as well as interdependence, meaning that its students get the best of both same and separate gender education.

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