Accommodation in Taiwan

Expats moving to Taiwan can expect to find plenty of accommodation options available to them. Although housing in Taiwan can be relatively expensive, there is so much on offer, that – with a little patience and ingenuity – expats are sure to find a comfortable, reasonably-priced place to rent while in the country.

Renting property in Taiwan

Expats will most likely live in apartments in TaiwanMost expats tend to live in apartments, as houses are not very common in Taiwan. The most commonly available type of apartment is the small, studio-style variety. Larger apartments are available, but expats generally share these, as rent is considerably higher. Rental prices in Taipei City are much higher than places further out from the city centre, so those looking for more space at an affordable price, should consider renting in Taipei County.

Most Taiwanese employers will not provide an expat with a housing allowance over and above their basic salary. Accommodation in Taipei city is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the country, but it varies according to the area. Sometimes rental prices will include utilities such as building maintenance and garbage disposal. Expats must pay their own water and electricity bills, but these are relatively low.

Most apartments have air conditioners installed (Taiwan is very hot in summer), but central heating is not common. It is possible to find apartment blocks with indoor swimming pools and gyms, but these are very expensive.

The process of finding an apartment in Taiwan can be difficult, especially if one doesn't speak Mandarin. If one goes through an agent, however, expect to pay an agent’s fee of at least one month's rent. Additionally, most landlords will charge one or two month's rent as a deposit, refundable at the end of one year. One can try to negotiate a discount on these extra costs.

Most apartments in Taiwan will come furnished. However, it is also relatively easy to buy second-hand furniture and appliances from the expat community. 

Taiwan is a very safe society, and expats can rest assured that home security will not be an issue during their time in the country. Some apartment blocks do employ security guards in the foyers (a cost which is included in the rent).

Buying property in Taiwan

Although not a popular option due to the prohibitively high prices, it is possible for expats of most countries to buy property in Taiwan. Foreign nationals wishing to buy property in Taiwan must ensure the following:

  • They possess an Alien Registration Certificate (ARC)
  • Nationals of Taiwan are allowed to buy property in the expat's country of origin (this is the 'reciprocity rule' – for a list of qualifying countries, see
  • They apply to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for approval
  • That the purpose of buying the property is for personal use or investment only – foreigners are not allowed to trade on Taiwanese property for profit
  • They do not already own, or co-own, any property in Taiwan (foreigners are only allowed to own one piece of Taiwanese real estate)

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