Restaurants in Bangkok

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A  good restaurant meal at an eatery in BangkokBangkok is one of those cities where just about any culinary concoction under the sun can be found in the plethora of roadside stalls, cafés and restaurants in Bangkok. 

Expats should be warned in advance, however, that decor does not always take priority – plastic chairs, peeling walls and deep-fried locusts are a fairly common sight outside of the city's finer establishments.

Savvy expats would do well to brush up on Thai eating etiquette to avoid making any embarrassing mistakes that might insult those eating with you. For example, in Thailand food is eaten not with a knife and fork but with a spoon and fork. The spoon is not used to eat directly; rather it is used to push the food onto the fork.

Thai locals usually favour a communal style of eating with many dishes ordered and eaten by everyone. Examples of rude behaviour when sharing food include being unwilling to share, dishing with your own spoon rather than a serving spoon, dishing from the centre of the serving plate instead of from the sides, and heaping your own plate high with food. Sample the dishes one by one, dishing two or three spoons of each. If you like a particular dish, you can always dish more for yourself when the food is passed around a second time.

It's not always easy to know when to tip in Thailand; at a casual restaurant you might leave behind a few coins or not tip at all, but a at a fancy restaurant 10% is standard practice.

Chinatown is bustling with unique and exciting eateries, Sukhumvit is the place to go for trendy restaurants, and Banglamphu serves all the Western food a homesick expat could ask for.

Restaurant recommendations in Bangkok


Cabbages and Condoms (C&C)

This restaurant that offers classic Thai dishes and supports local initiatives that address family planning and AIDS prevention. Guests can choose whether they want to sit in the main area, decorated with condoms from all over the planet, or in a relaxed setting under the restaurant's colourfully-lit canopy.

Issaya Siamese Club Restaurant

Set in a century-old house and hidden in plain sight, the Club's interior is as appealing as its food. A mix of classic and contemporary influences, guests are allowed to explore the house before sitting down to enjoy traditional Thai cuisine. The dessert menu is highly recommended.

May Kaidee

A laid-back and highly popular eatery that serves mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian Thai cuisine – a must for expats moving to Bangkok.

The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree has offered traditional and contemporary Thai food for more than two decades. Guests get to enjoy a range of speciality meals and exotic cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere.

Phranakorn Bar & Gallery

A popular and trendy hangout for locals, this restaurant serves delicious Thai cuisine and drinks in a friendly and unique atmosphere. Expats are also free to sample the local art scene in the gallery, or take in the city's sights and sounds on the rooftop bar.

Somboon Seafood    

First opened in 1969, Somboom Seafood is a Bangkok institution with seven branches across the city. Regardless of where they go, expat diners are served mouth-watering seafood. The restaurant's speciality fried curried crab is as made from a recipe old as the chain itself.

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