Healthcare in Amsterdam

With a healthcare system credited as one of the best in the world, expats will find excellent healthcare facilities and highly skilled medical professionals in Amsterdam.
Healthcare in Amsterdam
All residents in the Netherlands, including expats, are required to have medical insurance from a private health insurance company. Dutch medical schemes are compelled to offer a full set of basic benefits to all residents. Basic coverage usually includes services by GPs, hospital stays, medical specialists and obstetricians, most medicines, prenatal care and maternity programmes, and ambulance services.
Not all areas of healthcare, such as dentistry and physiotherapy, are funded by these basic services packages, but expats moving to Amsterdam have an option of taking out additional health insurance to cover the costs of such treatment.
Pharmacies (apotheken) are widely available in Amsterdam and are usually open from Monday to Friday. Some are open on Saturdays and after hours, and there's usually a notice on the pharmacy door with details of the nearest all-night and Sunday pharmacies.

Hospitals in Amsterdam

Here are some of the most prominent hospitals in Amsterdam:

Academish Medisch Centrum

Tel: +31 20 566 9111

Bovenij Ziekenhuis
Tel: +31 20 634 6346

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis
Tel: +31 20 599 9111

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